Arsene Wenger and Panic Buys – Arsene’s Poker game

I am a huge admirer of  and his achievements at Arsenal Football Club. Congrats Arsene for reaching the champions league for the 17th consecutive time. Arsene has done some amazing business in recent years. Laurent Koscielny is one of recent examples of his successful business. Arsene and Arsenal follows a very familiar trend is transfer market. Sometimes it looks like he is very good at transfer poker game, but I beg to differ. Transfer window is a familiar story for arsenal fans.

Arsenal Transfer Window
Step 1 : Hype and talk about Arsenal’s Financial Strength
Step 2 : Atleast one Surprise Signing
Step 3 : Poker Game and Panic Buys
End : Frustration

Thomas Vermaelen, Laurent Koscielny, Giroud, Sanchez, Yaya Sonago, Gervinho etc are bought at the beginning of the transfer window. Only these players are planned and bought immediately. Often these players do not match the initial financial hype from Arsenal apart from Sanchez. Arsene buys very early for his squad requirement or replacement. Once this is done the poker game and panic buys of Arsene begins.
Last year’s transfer window clearly exposed Arsene’s inability to play poker.

RVP was not replaced so Arsenal was chasing a striker. According to Arsene transfer strategy the expected and planned striker was yaya sonago. That is the fact. I still cannot understand why we were chasing Jovetic, Higuain and suarez. Finally we ended buying no one. Arsene Poker game failed miserably when we could not even get Demba Ba on loan. Kim Kallstorm exposed Arsene’s expert level in poker game.
The failure to purchase a striker was masked by the calibre of our panic buy i.e the best 10 in the world. The panic buys are due to our poor performance rather than reinforcing quality to the squad Aston Villa and Man-united comes to our mind immediately.

This has been the case of several years. Even in this transfer window it’s the same story. There was a huge hype at the beginning and bought Sanchez to match the hype. Once Sanchez deal was done the requirement and replacements began with Ospina, Chambers and Debuchy. These players are not new signings they were just bought to replace Fabianski, Vermaelen and Sagna. Even I still believe Sanchez was bought because of the Injury of Theo Walcott.

The transfer window is not closed yet. What can we expect from this transfer window? I hope we might buy a striker because of Giroud’s Injury. But honestly knowing Arsene’s transfer strategy we should expect Sébastien Squillaci level player coming in as CB.


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