Alex Song — Nowhere >>Arsenal >> Barcelona >> Nowhere — familiar route

As much as we like the arsenal team its a known secret to every fan that Arsenal team has many average players than the exceptional ones. Alex song has finally moved to a club which matches his ability. There are so many players in our current and past squad who are not good enough to Arsenal Football club or any other top football team in Europe. So, Who is good enough for Arsenal? No, one can answer that question.

Alex SongFinally found my Team

So many players failed to establish themselves after their big money move from AFC excluding certain ungrateful exceptions. Adebayor, Gallas, Bendtner, park, Chamakh, Senderos, Hleb, Flamini etc…  Nasri and Clichy has not been great either for MCFC. Even the mighty Fabregas failed at FCB.

Most of these players established themselves as major player for Arsenal. Though Arsenal has not won anything with these players, they still managed to remain in the champions league. Technically these players should be more than adequate to play for any top team in Europe. Hleb, Song, Fabregas, Adebayor etc.. has proven that its not the case. The careers of Hleb, Song etc were only downhill once they left Arsenal. Where does it goes wrong? Is Arsenal really a top team of World class players? How did we manage to remain in the champions league for 17 consecutive years with players like Bendtner, Chamakh Leading the attack?

Only one man makes such a difference to the careers of these players- Mr. Arsene Wenger. The man who is more loyal to players than Arsenal Football Club. Though his loyalty to Arsenal is unquestionable his loyalty to certain players is questionable. This is the one major difference between SAF and Wenger. SAF is ruthless when it comes to kicking players out. Arsene is more classy.

Looking at these it clearly shows the genius of Arsene Wenger. He has built a top 4 team with Mid-table team players. No one can argue that there is a huge gap between the players quality in Arsenal Squad. Comparing Player by player with any other team like Tottenham it can be easily seen that those teams have many better players than Arsenal.

All that Glitters for Arsenal are not World class. My belief is that Arsenal football club and its manager were clever enough to build a team which is better than the sum of its parts.

Playing well for Arsenal does not automatically mean they are world class. I hope current fringe English core and other players take a note and work hard to improve the team.

Good Luck Alex Song for finding the right team.


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