Arsene ” We did not create enough ” – WTF we have 50 Millions Striker Sanogo.

Two wonderful stats from out disappointing draw with Leicester City FC.

  • 4 – Arsenal have conceded four goals from just five shots on target faced in the Premier League  so far.
  • Arsenal registered 24 shots on target yesterday.

Clearly we did not create enough for Sanogo to Score?

I cannot believe a man like Arsene saying “we did not create enough?” after seeing the match from the touchline. Was he talking about Arsenal or Leicester? Unbelievable comment just to protect his youth postman project. Like I have said before he is very loyal to his youth projects. English Premier league is always decided by one or two points at the end of the season. Throwing away few points due to lack of players at the beginning of August will never bring the EPL title to the Emirates. Why can’t we take every point seriously? We already dropped 4 points. We signed Ozil only after losing 3 valuable points against Aston Villa.

Arsene comparison of MCFC strikers to Arsenal is really embarrassing. Their backup striker Edin Dzeko is miles ahead of our main striker. Talking about strikers when was the last time we had a strike force which frightened the opposition. I hate to say this but RVP was the last striker who could frighten the opposition. He always frightened us too with his injury record and finally with his loyalty.

We do have a 50 Millions worth striker according to Arsene. Only now I am getting to know from where Arsene got this 50 Millions Evaluation. Its from Fernando Torres. But seeing Sanogo at our starting line up makes me to think about spending money on Torres. Someday Sanogo may become a frightening striker but currently he is frightening the Arsenal team only. All the creative magic from our amazing midfielders ends with Sanogo. This postman never delivers. Even Chamakh reached double figures due to our creative midfielders.

How does Santi and Ozil feel when they have to supply to Sanogo and Giroud? Cesc might have felt the same while feeding to Bendtner.

I am not going to talk much about the match as we know its the same story for a while. How can we not take seriously when we lose 4 points against Everton and Leicester?. Why are we not proactive? It always comes to the deadline day bargain deals? At least have we done well with our bargain deals. Nope is the answer.

Deadline DayDeadline Day deals of Super Super Quality?????

Arsenal fans were singing ” Sign the F***ing Striker” yesterday. I am not sure its the first time they are singing it. I always have one unanswered question regarding Arsenal Transfer policy.

Is it worth to sacrifice points and wait for Bargain deals?


2 thoughts on “Arsene ” We did not create enough ” – WTF we have 50 Millions Striker Sanogo.

  1. come on guys lets blog it everywhere……lets fill his twitter pages with “We want REUS” ….i think hes the only striker who price is reasonable if bucca is for 30 i think 35 or something is good enuf for reus ….what say

    So we want reus ….we want reus


    • I am not sure its gonna work suddenly. If I remember correctly we have been shouting the same for ages. But still it does not hurt to vent our frustration for few more hours. Keep up guys.


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