Arsenal English Core : Are they just poster Boys?

We added two very good English players to our already existing core of British players. Chambers has already proven to be a massive hit among the fans. Welbeck too a very good addition to Arsenal squad. He is already proving to be an Arsenal type player with his injury during the international break. Welcome to Arsenal Danny Welbeck.

Is there an incentive for adding English players to the Club? Are we buying British players to use them mainly as poster boys? Are they really good enough to make it at Arsenal?

Man City won 2013-2014 EPL with only one English player in their starting Eleven. The Successful Wenger Era was dominated by French Players. Barcelona and Bayern Munich Dominate Europe with their own country players. No English Player plays for Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. 2014 worldcup proved that there is a huge gap between British teams and rest of the world. The Golden Generation was humiliated. Why do Arsenal keep adding English core when Chelsea, MCFC and Manchester united are getting rid of them?

Arsenal v Queens Park Rangers - Premier LeagueFace

Arsenal being an English team it makes sense to have majority of English players, But I cannot tolerate the idea of using them as poster boys when much accomplished players in the squad gets less attention. Releasing the Arsenal Jersey with these poster boys cannot be justified.

Ramsey, Wilshere, Gibbs, Ox, Chambers, Walcott, Jenkinson are part of Arsenal team for a while. Chambers and Welbeck have been added to this core. Arsene, Arsenal and English media hype these players too much before they actually make it. Ramsey was the only standout star in that core group. Gibbs and Walcott proved to be consistent. I am yet to see a consistent world class performances from Ox and Jack. Apart from some flashes of brilliance I did not see anything extraordinary from them. Sterling and Sturridge has done more to their clubs than Jack and Ox. We need to be realistic. We are already in our way to hype Chambers as our ” New Tony Adams”.

Sturridge might be doing well at Liverpool but chelsea bought better player than him. Welbeck is replaced by one of the top strikers in Europe.

These players are consistently on the Media and Arsenal website. The Club should make Arteta, Sanchez, Ozil, Per, Koscielny, Santi etc as our poster boys. They should be the face of Arsenal Football club. World Class loyal footballers should be the face of our club.

Many fan polls have shown that Welbeck should be our main striker ahead of Giroud. Let Welbeck earn his main striker role. Lets not hand him the main striker role by fan polls.

I hope the English core repay the faith by becoming world class players and play for Arsenal for many long years.


11 thoughts on “Arsenal English Core : Are they just poster Boys?

  1. I honestly think you’re being wayyyy too harsh on the our British lads. Wilshere has been with arsenal since he was like 11 he wasn’t brought in as a poster boy then. He was really impressive at youth level and it was a no brainer to promote him to the first team.

    Oxalade chamberlain was a huge prospect at Southampton and unlike sterling he suffered a serious injury last season so he couldn’t establish himself. Never really had a long run in the side, hence why you’ve only seen flashes of brilliance.

    We both know chambers has shown he had huge potential, so for now no reason to think he’s there as a “poster boy ”

    The jury is still out on welbeck as he’s not kicked a ball for us. But in my opinion however I think he could be really good for us and eventually usurp giroud. Only time would tell (sturridge didn’t do much at Chelsea but is really good at Liverpool)

    The only player who I can say may fit that bill is Jenkinson as he was git from complete obscurity and in his few early games looked way out if his depth. Since then he has improved a lot but still not sure about him.

    So yeah I think your looking to deep into things, almost trying to create a conspiracy.


    • I appreciate your views. I am not trying to create any conspiracy. I am worried about the hype placed on these kids. Yes all are massively talented and has huge potential. They have accomplished in different youth levels. Are they world class yet? Have they already made it at Arsenal? We follow the English media and hype them too soon. It was only my wish they rise above their current levels and become world class players. Ramsey did it in last two seasons. I hope others do the same.


      • Oh yeah, true say, fair enough. The media can be quite brutal, build up and swiftly bring down. Hopefully they’ll all turn out to be good and I definitely don’t want to club buying players on the basis of hype. Would like to think Wengers wiser than that.

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  2. Wowzee. Been a while since I’ve read anything this idiotic. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen posters of all the foreign Arsenal stars as well. This English core poster boy stuff stemmed from all the British youngsters signing contract extensions at the same time basically. To bring this up and try to spin it as Arsenal not showing respect or enough attention to their foreign stars is just bizarre. I’m all for the effort of running blogs but, really, you should try a bit harder.


    • Appreciate your views. Are we still in the same fear and showing too much respect? I am not against English Players or trying to spin. How many players have we hyped from our youth levels. Where are they now? I wish our current core brings lot more trophies to Arsenal and England.I simply do not want them to be hyped.


  3. I agree…they are being overhyped. Imagine having mesut ozil play on the left just to fit wilshere in…he’ll def leave next season if wenger keeps doing this. He’s the best player in our team, not wilshere. Then we go and spend 16m and 100k a week on welbeck who can’t even get a place on man u team. not a sign of a big club if you ask me.


  4. Sorry to be so late to the party, but having followed the link from 7am, I couldn’t resist commenting.

    To answer the question at its simplest level, the English core are not poster boys. They are the sign that either we have finally got lucky or the Academy/scouting structure in the UK is working. We have discarded so many English prospects over the years, and these kids are the ones that made it through.
    A large part of the problem is that Arsenal is one of the few top (English) clubs left that believes in developing players, and not just buying them as the finished article. From this:
    1). The reason we see so many players built up and then failing is because at Arsenal they get game time as teenagers, so the fans get invested in them, where at other clubs such prospects are cut without ever seeing the first team.

    2). It isn’t just an English thing, Cesc is the classic example of Arsenal bringing through a young player and it working out. Thomas Eisfeld the opposite; a German kid sold when he was thought to be on the way to the first team.

    3). The Bayern and Barcelona examples the problems we have in the PL when developing players. With our squad rules, a player has until he is 21, maybe 22 to prove himself at a side like Arsenal. At that point you have to loan or sell, which usually ends in the latter. Most players don’t hit their potential until they are 23-24 at least, so we are throwing away players who could have made it it given more time.

    Both German and Spanish leagues allow for B teams, which gives them a place to continue to develop their young players until they are ready for the big time. It puts less pressure on them to produce their talent quickly,

    As to the rest of the English sides mentioned. All have gone down the buy-it-now route. City and Chelsea do not seem to either be producing, or (more realistically) trust the youngsters they have, so use their backers’ money to short-cup the process. United used to work like us, but something has gone horribly wrong there (shame), and they are doing the same thing. To get players in those numbers, you have to look overseas.

    It is also worth considering if they are making smart moves: When Sturridge was frozen out at Chelsea he was 23. Costa looks a shiny upgrade, but his league scoring record is similar to that of Sturridge in the last two years, is about a year older, and cost them a net £20 million. Are they that much better off?

    With Wellbeck? United show the classic unwillingness to risk youth. At 21 they could have promoted him to striker, but bought the Dutchman instead (probably due to Old Red Nose wanting that last title). Now with Wellbeck at 23 and the natural successor to the Dutchman (31), they sell him and spend an obscene amount of money to loan in Falcao (28 and coming off a major injury) instead.

    Neither side has the balls to take a risk on a younger player.

    On Wenger: the 1997 double side was mostly English. He did not build that side, but built on that English core rather than tearing it down. Even with the Invincibles: for every Viera, there was a Sol.

    Lastly on poster boys, the English players might be used a bit to gain empathy with the core fanbase, but the squad as a whole is used, with the main limit being language it seems. Arteta and Per (Captain and Vice) are involved a lot of stuff, and the recent rainbow laces thing shows just how the entire squad is used. –Amusing to see how self aware the non-English players are of image amongst the fans


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