NO Free Agent or Loan : THIS IS ARSENAL. Start Building another Invincible team.

There was a rumour going around that Arsenal is looking for a 38 year old free agent. I have no idea about this player but it disgusts me to read something like that. Nikola Zigic has confirmed that there was contact from Arsenal regarding his signing. This is not just an agent talk. The player himself given the statement after the transfer window was closed. Are we really a big club? Why can’t we look for quality players instead of looking for bargain deals?

Arsene wenger sings the praises of Romelu lukaku and how Everton has done a fantastic job of signing him, then he goes and enquires about Zigic. Atleast we got welbeck now. What would have happened if ManU shut the door on us just like Jose Mourinho did with Demba Ba? we were just lucky to have Ozil and Welbeck. It was not a well planned strategy to get them. I guess we are used to it and little scared to come out.

We have survived the financial constraints set upon us due to Emirates stadium. We acted like mid table period during that period. Arsene wenger did a fantastic job in keeping us in the champions league with many average players. We waited for a year to get Chamakh. We were competing with Fulham for his signature. We could not even get Mark Schwarzer from Fulham. We lost all our world class players and traitors. Though I may not agree to all these transfers, I was given very good financial lessons from Ivan Gazidis and Arsene. We learned to live with it. We were sold a dream of becoming big players of Europe once again.

200px-Arsenal_FC.svgNo more hiding. Load the Cannon.

On and Off the pitch we were bullied. We had many shocking results against the big boys and even more shocking transfers.

At some point we need to come out of this mentality. Once we survive the world domination should be the next natural progress. We were led to believe it would happen with the new Puma deal. We started brightly in the transfer window and ended it in a familiar fashion. If our youth team is not able to provide a 4th choice defender better than some 38 year old Free agent, then seriously we failed in this transfer window.

We should have gone for some better defenders from top clubs. we should have got Carvalho or Nastasic or Manolas. At least we should have gone for Rio as 4th choice. If we need players then we need players.

We should not manage to win games anymore. We should win games. We should bully anyone at emirates. Emirates should become a scary place for any visiting team. That should be our goal. I hope we reach that level again soon. Its between a long time since we were invincible.

Sanogo scored two goals for France under21. I hope Arsene does not come out and blame the fans for his lack of goals at Arsenal. Don’t forget he did defend Gervinho with similar statement.




4 thoughts on “NO Free Agent or Loan : THIS IS ARSENAL. Start Building another Invincible team.

    • Agree. There was a huge chance that Project Youth would have been an astonishing Success provided Wenger added few world class players, but he went with 100% project youth which actually ended with departure of RVP, Cesc, Nasri etc… Why won’t Cesc/Nasri leave when all their creativity ends with Bendtner & Chamakh?


  1. Amen brother. We really need to let the Emirates be a place where opposing teams come with faint hope but leave with the arsenal tearing them a new one. Here’s hoping arsene is able to achieve that


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