Arsene : Are we too honest ? Jan Vertonghen & Kostas Manolas was in our price range

Defending Arsenal after moving to Emirates must have been hard for Arsenal Fans . Every time whenever I talk about Arsenal to my friends and colleagues I end up talking more about finances than Football. Arsenal being a football club has made its fans financially sound. We might have heard more finance lessons from Arsene than football lessons. I am not saying its a bad thing, but I always felt awkward defending Arsenal’s lack of success at Emirates. Hope that’s not the case this season

No football this weekend and the transfer window is closed. There is nothing much to talk about apart from Wilshere involving war of words again. Our players are good at remaining in the media limelight when there is no football action.

Arsenal has started to make some amazing videos starting from the Puma launch. Here is one more from Arsenal media. We always make very good videos off the pitch. Why not make 24/7 Arsenal TV? Arsenal Fan TV is doing really good and has a huge fan following.

Looking good.

Talking about transfers, every year we are linked with hundreds of players and sign very few. We have done well in certain areas. Arsenal has always done some amazing business in nicking very young talented attacking players. Crowley is the latest one I am excited about. He looks really good at his level. Hope he stays away from Arsenal and English Media. Defense is the one area where we always struggled.

Laurent Koscielny, Thomas Vermaelen and Per were really solid signings. We should have equally signed some young upcoming defenders to keep our backline strong when called upon. Though Monreal looked good at CB during the preseason it would be bad idea to use him as CB. I hope everyone remembers using Djourou as RB.

Is arsene two honest in signing players? I really felt sad when some of the defensive signings we missed in last few seasons. I was not too worried when we missed on Jones and Smalling. I was really worried when we missed on Cahill, Jan Vertonghen and more recently Kostas Manolas. Missing on Jan Vertonghen was the one that hurt me so much. Generally we miss out on players due to price or competition from Arabs or Russians.

Jan Vertonghen was really in our price range. We could have easily got him. Arsene wanted to play him ad DM but he wanted to play as CB. We should have been honest and assured him a position as CB and play him DM when necessary. Arsene was too honest and does not want to change his starting CB . Why is arsene so reluctant to replace a player in the Starting 11? Whats harm in signing the player first promising some position and later tell him to fight for it? We are a big club, I am sure we could have worked along that line.

Similar to Jan Vertonghen we missed on Kostas Manolas due to the lack assurance of starting 11. We could have assured him a starting spot (may be 20+ games) or promise him the CB role for several years. Are we too honest in telling him to that he can only be a third choice? I don’t know.

ManU signed Falcao when they had Rooney and RVP. MCFC still managed to keep Dzeko. Chelsea signs Cesc when they have Eden. I am sure we could have signed Kostas & Jan. I would have loved Jan Vertonghen in our team.






4 thoughts on “Arsene : Are we too honest ? Jan Vertonghen & Kostas Manolas was in our price range

  1. We couldn’t sign jan because he didn’t want to compete with Vermaelen at club and national level…he mentioned it in the press categorically! Especially when Vermaelen was the captain at club level. Which is highly understandable!

    Concerning manolas, we are in the hunt for a left sided defender. Chambers is more of a mertesacker clone, he reads the game and covers adequately but he feels at home at the right hand side. Replacement for Vermaelen is not just in buying a CB but buying a CB that plays like him. Left footed, a stopper like koscielny! Manolas is right footed!

    It’s not just about buying players but buying the right players!


  2. Sometimes Arsene is just irresponsible. If I do what he just did in my everyday job, I will get fired! How he didn’t sign a centre back, knowing our problems with injury and the number of games these players have to play? He will play kocielny until he get injured. No he is already injured and Per is tired. We could face Chelsea with Monreal and Isaac Hayden as center backs. I just don’t get the man anymore.


    • Exactly. Also don’t forget chambers has been playing almost every game. Arsene might run him to the ground soon. Lack of squad has bitten us hard at the back for several years. we can only hope we are lucky this year.


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