Arsenal and Big Lump Strikers : Danny Welbeck Vs Olivier Giroud…… Joel Campbell?

The social media has pretty much confirmed and unanimous about our first choice centre forward. Like every kid with Christmas presents we always love our new toys. We get excited too much too soon and blame the players when they don’t meet our expectations. When was the last time our new signing met our expectation? Think long and hard. Its going to take sometime to answer. Only Chambers has met our expectation in this transfer window.

Arsenal Centre Forward

Arsenal plays 4-2-3-1 system with a lone striker. The hold up play of the Centre forward is the most important attribute of our system. Arsene prefers a Big & centre forward. Olivier Giroud fits perfectly into the system based on the important criteria of size and hold up play. On watching France play in the world up I even thought Olivier Giroud should be the starting striker instead of Benzema because of this hold up play. He is really good at it. This system relies heavy on the unpredictable running of our midfielders. This is the reason when Ramsey was on fire we were unstoppable. France would have benefited from it since they had better runners in their midfield.

The Main problem in our set up is when playing big teams with a plan. They use fast players to close down our midfielders. They exploit the lack of pace and striking capability of our main striker. He is left alone to make any change. Also playing Jack, Ozil and Santi together puts brake in our midfield pace. Effectively we need a Grioud who can strike the ball and also take on the defenders on his own. Welbeck is similar to Giroud. He can also strike the ball and he is also a hard worker. I believe he can slot in nicely in our setup. where does the less favourtite Joel Cambell comes into our squad?


Statistics may not be the perfect tool to analyze a player in any team game, however the above table provides some interesting stats. English player stats at worldcup will always be worse than anyone else So, we can ignore the stats of Welbeck. The figures are per game. Joel Cambell. Forward Passes and take on’s looks really good. We also know he can strike the ball. He looks decent. I would prefer him to be given a chance at league cup games. Giroud is absent till January and its a wonderful chance to grab the spot for one of these strikers.

Arsene’s obsession with big lump at front means Joel Cambell will be the least favourite.




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