Arsenal English Core – Not just poster Boys. Alternate View

Danny Welbeck had the option of choosing either Ghana or England as his international football home. Had he chose Ghana instead, would we be still excited about his signing?

Here is an alternative view from a Fan.

Andy’s Response to our post  ” English Core : Are they just poster boys? “

The English core are not just poster boys. They are the sign that either we have finally got lucky or the Academy/scouting structure in the UK is working. We have discarded so many English prospects over the years and these kids are the ones that made it through. A large part of the problem is that Arsenal is one of the few top (English) clubs left that believes in developing players. Most clubs prefers finished article at an expense.

Jack vs SwanseaMoment worthy of so many posters.

1) The reason we see so many players built up and then failing is because at Arsenal they get game time as teenagers, so the fans get invested in them. where as at other clubs such prospects are cut without ever seeing the first team.

2) It isn’t just an English thing, Cesc is the classic example of Arsenal bringing through a young player and it worked out well. Thomas Eisfeld the opposite – a German kid sold when he was thought to be on his way to the first team.

3) Bayern and Barcelona underlines the problems we have in EPL when developing players. With our squad rules, a player has until 21, maybe 22 to prove himself at a side like Arsenal. At that point you have to loan or sell, which usually ends in the latter. Most players don’t hit their potential until they are 23-24 at least, so we are throwing away players who could have made it given more time. Both German and Spanish leagues allow for B teams, which gives them a place to continue to develop their young players until they are ready for the big time. It puts less pressure on them to produce their talent quickly.

As to the rest of the English sides mentioned. All have gone down the buy-it-now route. City and Chelsea do not seem to be either producing or (more realistically) trust the youngsters they have. Remember Jack Rodwell? 

United used to work like us, but something has gone horribly wrong there (shame) and they have taken the similar path.

Its not always down to the club. The player too has their own responsibilities.They have to make smart moves. At 23 Sturridge was frozen out at Chelsea. At 32m Costa looks like a shiny upgrade, but his league scoring record is similar to that of Sturridge in last two years. Had they kept Sturridge, they would have had their own home grown Costa at no expense. Its the same case with ManU, First they bought RVP and now Falcao.

On Wenger: The 1997 double side was mostly English. He did not build that side, but built on that English core rather than tearing it down. Even with the Invincibles: for every Viera, there was a Sol.

Lastly on poster boys, the English players might be used a bit to gain empathy with the core fan base. Sometimes the Language barrier restricts the use of all players. Arteta and Per (Captain and Vice) were involved on lot of stuffs, their recent rainbow laces thing shows just how the entire squad is used. Amusing to see how self aware the non-English players about their image amongst the fans.

Had LVG & Jose Morinho had time at their disposal may be they would have kept Lukaku and Welbeck in their squad.


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