England vs Switzerland, Jack Wilshere position & Cesc’s Barca DNA

England Vs Switzerland

Two Arsenal Players started for England and one former arsenal player started for Switzerland. The game was similar to every other England game in recent years. Boring as hell. Every player wants to take on all the defenders and score. Roy Hodgson has not made any actual impact on the style of play. England team depends on the individual brilliance of players than the team game. Watching the match it was evident that England cannot pass the ball like the Germans or Spanish.

First 10 Minutes:

3 – Misplaced Long Balls from Gary Cahill

2 – Horrible tackles by Fabian Delph

1 – Counter Attacking chance for England.

Why would you watch the England game knowing its not going to be exciting? – Just to watch our new boy play in his preferred position. The welbeck moment expected came much sooner, but it turns out to be a Gervinho Moment. The final ball from welbeck was poor. England had few other chances thanks to some Arsenal style set pieces defending by Djourou.

Every time I watch Raheem sterling he just impresses me. He is much stronger than he looks. The first goal was created by him from wings. Not sure why Roy played his attacking threat in the middle. He was mostly ineffective in the middle.

The Swiss also had many chances to bury the game. Gary Cahill and Joe Hart kept the English hopes alive. The second goal was also created by Sterling. Welbeck took his chance and ended the hopes of swiss. Arsenal PR department were very fast to congratulate welbeck even before he finished celebrating the goal.

Welbeck EnglandArsenal Marketing department working 24/7.

Two Arsenal player started and only one shined. Jack Wilshere was anonymous and lost the ball in their own half multiple times. Jack wilshere is not a DM. He definitely needs someone strong behind him for cover. He might become a Deep lying play maker in the future but currently he is not. He should be the deputy to Aaron Ramsey.

Cesc’s Barca DNA

Why is every player that left Arsenal keep talking about Arsenal? we already hate so many players who left arsenal. They cannot keep their mouth shut. Cesc too cannot keep his mouth shut. Now he is talking about being a Gunner. Cesc Fabregas used to be the poster boy and face of Arsenal Football club. He left Arsenal in a worst possible way. Ivan Gazidis even came out and said ” Losing Cesc was actually a forward step “. I did not believe Gazidis at that time. I really understood his words only when we boldly rejected him. Every team would love to have a player like Cesc. Wenger who was like a father figure to Cesc actually rejected the idea of re-signing him. That tells the whole story.

Shut up Cesc. Enough talk about Gunners. You are irritating Gooners and also your new team fans.

Try talking about your Barca DNA and how they treated you.




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