Euroqualifier2016 – Arsenal and Injuries. Ozil Fifa Ranking

Every football player would be dreaming to represent their country at international level. Arsenal has always released players even for meaningless friendlies. We have seen managers listening to Arsene and not overplay some players. We have also seen some managers picking senior players for youth tournaments. As a Arsenal fan we always fear our worst enemy.


Injuries are always a great concern for Arsenal. Every Season we get struck at some stage by some key injuries to our reliable player. Many of our players spend more time on the treatment table than on the pitch. I am not only talking about Diaby. Even when RVP was on fire we did not get a complete successful season out of him. Ramsey was on fire last year but we could not use him throughout the season. His injury definitely halted our march towards the EPL title. Our squad is too thin to manage these injuries.

StairsOur worst enemy – Injuries

Euro Qualifier

As an Arsenal we always hope International breaks are kind to us, but in reality every time it creates problem. Aaron Ramsey was injured yesterday. Though it was not considered as a serious Injury, still its a cause for concern. He is a very important player and we definitely need him for the next run of tough games.

RVP’s Holland lost to Rosicky’s Czech. Happy for Rosicky, but as a selfish Arsenal fan i would prefer him to retire from Internationals to prolong his Arsenal career.

Mario Gomez is quite jealous about fan favourite Lukas Podolski.

Welbeck signing is hyped too much after his two goals.

Apart from Aaron injury, all our international players are safely returning home. Walcott is also close to returning. Hope everyone is ready to kick off our season with a cracker against Man City.

Ozil Fifa Ranking

Some cannot digest the fact that Ozil has been ranked highly than some overrated players in FIFA2015. Ozil’s first season is considered as flop by the English pundits and media. The way British see the game is quite different from others. This was outlined by the Germany coach when he picked Ozil for every single game in the world cup. The rating of players in England is quite different.

If someone keeps the ball and make simple passes they are considered as flop. On the other hand if someone loses the ball and dives aggressively to win the ball back then He is considered as EPL ready. Every pundit will praise their aggressive attitude, Athleticism  and passion.

Football is not always about Bang Bang Bang…… Sometimes its an Art. Ozil is an artist. Every Arsenal fan is happy he is part our FA cup winning squad.

If you listen to English media then Generation of Flop’s will be considered as Golden Generation. A world cup winner who played every game in the world cup is considered flop.



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