who signed Danny Welbeck? The GOD FATHER- Arsene can sign players from beach with just a speedo on.

Wenger “If I stayed at my home, Welbeck would not be here…that is the truth”.

Arsene loves his poker games in press conferences. He trolls the media and leaves them scratching their heads. He convinces them that there is an interesting story behind his cryptic comments. Poor Journalist always fall for his comments and starts running exclusive stories.

Blogs were running some theory that Welbeck was not signed by Arsene. There are some that went to an extent that Ivan Gazidis made the decision himself and signed him. How bizarre? Its a known truth that Arsene was in Rome refereeing when Danny welbeck was signed. He was in Brazil when all other signings were made.

Arsene and Press Conference.

He always tells only the truth but not the complete truth. He gives hints here and there and allows plenty of room for interpretation. Generally we fail to correctly Interpret his words.

When Arsene Says we signed welbeck only because he was out on town does not mean Danny welbeck was signed without his knowledge. All our transfer deals were done when Arsene was away. The initial signings were done when Arsene was enjoying his Beach Volleyball in Brazil. Does that mean Ivan and team signed everyone in a hurry without the knowledge of Arsene. Its really stupid to make such an assumption.

2b10d7d82dd20d71a8e366fdb047dce1Arsene has not lost control of the club. He has his back room staffs to handle the transfer dealings when he enjoys beach volley ball. I am 100% confident that all the transfer dealings were done as per the direction of Arsene wenger.

Ozil did not meet Arsene before he was signed on the deadline day. German Speaking Arsene convinced the best Number 10 in the world to sign for Arsenal over a Phone call.

Every time its been proved that there is only one Boss at Arsenal. Only one is almost controlling everything that is happening at Arsenal Football club. Arsene was against the idea of Sports Director helping the manager. Arsene always openly claimed that the manager should be in-charge of transfer deals.

Though Arsene wenger was not on town it would be stupid to claim that the signings were made without his concern or involvement. In this Era of Modern technology Arsene can make a decision from anywhere in this world.

My Theory

What is Arsene trying to say? He is definitely not saying that Welbeck was not signed by him. Lets look at his statement again.

Wenger “If I stayed at my home, Welbeck would not be here…that is the truth”.

Here is my Theory. What is home? Is England his actual home? Is he saying Arsenal his home? Is he talking about professional home or Personal home?

When Arsene was at Brazil he was not on holiday or at home. He was actually working. He was working as a commentator. He indeed work on the transfer dealings. Arsene does not work from Home. He works for Arsenal Football club. He is working when he is on tour i.e He works on and off the pitch. May be Arsene was referring to his actual home.

If Arsene was taking a holiday from work and rests at home, we might have signed Danny welbeck. Thank you Arsene for working from Rome and bringing welbeck home (His professional Home)


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