Left Wing : The Most unpredictable Position in Arsenal Line up.

As we are preparing for the one of the biggest game of this season. We face the richest and current champions of English Premier League. Also they were one of the first club to contribute towards FFP fine. They have a big squad of world class talents. They even managed to keep their key player Yaya toure by promising additional cake for his next birthday.

There is no denying that Man city are a better team. They have won two EPL titles in past three years. Arsenal as always unpredictable when it comes to big matches. In recent few years our record against top teams is much worse than Sunderland. We could not even beat David Moyes Manchester united team. On our day we are unstoppable. We have killed some major teams in the Champions League. Our stating 11 is good enough to beat any team in the world. We should be very pleased that we are facing the Sheiks team much earlier. Most of our players are fit and raring to go. Lets hope we remain unbeaten. Generally A draw will be considered as a good result. Its a bad result if we are really ambitious to win the league.

Man city will set up their team with Multiple DM’s and Strikers. Their quality in the Defensive Midfield and Striker might hurt us. If we started strongly then slowly we can get into the game and win it. Any error at the opening minutes will not be a good day for Arsenal team and Fans.

2014 first team LWPotential Left Wingers

Not just three points are on the line. The confidence of the New signings are on the line. Coming out with all three points will lift the squad massively. The last thing we need is for Arsene set up the squad negatively. We cannot setup the squad negatively and play for a draw. The quality of Man city will definitely hurt us badly if we play for a draw. We need to go for the kill. The last thing I want to see in the squad is both Flamini and Arteta starting the match. That would be sending a wrong message to fans and opponents. We cannot be scared of them if we really compete for the title.

Anyone Can play in our Left Wing

Left wing is the most unpredictable position in our team. Its the most flexible position as per Arsene. He will play anyone in this position. All other positions are almost fixed in our starting Line up. He even played Gibbs in the LW. Historically we play a playmaker in the Left Wing. Nasri, Arshavin, Santi, Ozil, Rosicky, Jack etc… Played in that position in recent years. Only Gervinho and Podolski were close to proper wingers to have played in that position. Who will play in that position this weekend?

Here is my Prediction.


Looking at the training pictures Joel Campbell is heavy featured. I guess he might start for Arsenal at the LW position. Lukas Podolski and Joel should be fighting for that position. For some reason Arsene does not trust Podolski much. This season will determine the careers of both players. The world cup winner has to have a big impact this season to be considered as a successful at Arsenal. Campbell has to cement his place soon to have any chance of having a career at Arsenal.

We are always in for a surprise in this position. Ozil or Santi may play there. Who knows?

We already defeated Man City this season for a title. We need to beat them again for another title.

Good Luck Sanchez and Welbeck to kick start your Arsenal Career.


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