Arsenal Vs Man City : Stupid Arsenal Lost two points or Lucky Arsenal gained one Point

Arsenal vs Manchester City

One of our first biggest match of the season. Arsenal started well with their attacking moves. Ramsey tried his luck with some long range shots. The match looked like Arsenal Boys vs Manchester Men. We were bullied, kicked and fouled. The referee was reluctant to give any cards. Our football and passing ability was clearly visible when we out played the Sheik’s team during the opening minutes.

Ozil on the Left wing

There are certain things that cannot be explained when it comes to transfer policy, team selection and substitution. The best number 10 in the world started on the wings. I think this is the only way to accommodate both Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey into the squad. Is that our best starting 11. I am not sure. Ozil is not a winger. He is also not athletic enough to track back. Arsene is taking the Arshavin route for Ozil.

free header 2Arsene Wenger : ” we are an offensive team “

First Goal.

Nacho Monreal is not going to catch Jesus navas. He was the fastest man on the pitch. Navas made a great run with the ball and delivered the ball to Sergio Aguero. No one tracked Sergio and he punished Arsenal. Who is suppose to track his run? We don’t bother to keep our defensive shape when our team is in attack mode.

Jack’s Equalizer & Sanchez Yellow card

Laurent Koscielny forced Aguero to lose the ball, within next three touches we equalized against the giant looking Man City. Sanchez to Ramsey, Ramey to Jack and we celebrated. It was a well taken goal. Clichy looked like an idiot when jack scored.

Jack was having a great game. The second goal went through him. Very good header from Jack brought the perfect volley from Sanchez for our second goal. Sanchez loved and celebrated wildly. The referee decided to use his cards. Arsenal lead against the bully boys.

Same old Arsenal

leichester free headerWho will track the Striker to stop the free header?

Only one thing that is consistent about this Arsenal team is their defending. They make some of the silliest mistake in the game of football. We as Arsenal fan knew that it only takes one set piece for Arsenal to lose the game. We have seen it several times in recent years and it was time again to see once again. We did concede our routine set piece goal. There are certain things we never change or learn from it. Stupid Arsenal conceded again. Its always difficult for the midget Arsenal team to defend against the defensive giants, that does not mean you have to make their life easier. It was a free header. We just warped and gifted the second goal.

Nervy Final Minutes

We have seen time and time again once we concede some silly goal, the confidence goes out of the roof. It becomes easier for the opponent. We could have easily conceded multiple goals. Danny welbeck tried his luck after being down for some time. We escaped with a draw, but did not escape from Injury. Debuchy was stretched off, hope its not serious. The last thing we want is some long term injury to our defender. we were also lucky with the penalty shout against Jack.

Manuel Pellegrini

Shut up and stop whining. You should be an arrogant and ignorant idiot to claim those goals as illegal.

on the problems at the back… Arsene Wenger
We conceded two goals and I believe we are an offensive team. We go forward a lot but at the moment that’s where we can improve. YAWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

Though we all can be happy about the lucky point gained. We should have buried the game when we had the chance. I hope it boosts our confidence to go through the upcoming tough spell.


2 thoughts on “Arsenal Vs Man City : Stupid Arsenal Lost two points or Lucky Arsenal gained one Point

    • Good Win. It was a great win. Arsenal played a high intensity game just like they did again stoke city. If Arsenal play like this every game then we would win multiple titles every year


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