Is Ozil the new Arshavin? The best number 10 in the world on Wings…

Arsene’s Admission

Arsenal are not a strong physical team. The need for a strong physical presence in our midfield was well established. If Arsene believes the same like everyone else then he must have addressed it during the transfer window. Once transfer window was closed I was under the assumption that Arsene is thinking differently to fans and media. He made us believe a physical presence is not needed at the end of the transfer window, I never thought he would admit the weakness

Arsene Wenger’s Admission

” I think it’s good recruitment, we took Debuchy to replace Sagna and three young players, including Chambers, promising, Welbeck and Sanchez.

On the whole I am very satisfied. We might be able to do a little more, people say that we lack a physical presence in midfield, one profile at a Vieira or Petit, it’s true that this is what we need “

Why would you not address the weakness? If you have a plan to win the league then how come you ignore the weakness? Unless your ambition is something else.

Is ozil the New Arshavin?

LineupOzil on Arshavin’s Position

Arshavin had an immediate impact when he arrived at Arsenal. He was heavily featured on the wings. His best position was on the middle. We shifted him to the left as part of team formation or just to accommodate both Fabregas and Arshavin in the same team. We always played a play maker on the wings. This has worked for Arsenal. We did manage to play well with players like Nasri, Gervinho, Arshavin etc.. on the wings. Where are these players now?

We managed to win games with play maker on the wings. We won the FA cup with a play maker on the wings, but we have a unhappy player on the LW. All the players played in that position were unhappy. The fans turn their back on them and soon they leave the club.

I do not want to think that Ozil might leave this club. He made an immense effect on our team. We won our first trophy in his first season after so many years. He was undoubtedly one of the best number 10 in the world. Now we have shifted him to LW to accommodate both wilshere and Ramsey in the middle. Though Jack Wilshere made a huge impact from the middle, I still believe its waste of having ozil on the wings. He did not have much effect on the game. The fans are already started to blame him.

If our plan is to play the both Ramsey and Jack in the middle why not have someone like Joel & Podolski on the wings? I love ozil but will rather have someone like Podolski/Joel play on the wings rather than him.

Podoski and Joel Campell

Its clear that Arsene wenger does not trust this pair. They both did not feature in the match against Manchester City. I believer either or both would leave the club in January. I would love to have these players in our squad and use them.


Injuries cannot be an excuse for several years. Every year we end up blaming the bad luck. Our squad is too thin. Arsene always have a thin squad and blame on the injury to key players. He always hopes to win matches with starting 11. To win the league you need a strong squad not just 11. We are always short of 2-3 players. Hope it does not hurt us badly. Come back soon Debuchy.


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