Will Laurent Koscielny be the next player to leave Arsenal?

We are in the champions league for the 17th consecutive time. Well done Arsene to keep our team in the champions league during the rough patch. We are suppose to be out of our financial shackles this season, but looking at our defensive section it does not feel so. We are facing a familiar foe. We are grouped with Dortmund for the third time in last four seasons. Our record against BvB is really good. It may not be a huge challenge. I will be happy with a draw provided none of our players are injured.

Jurgen Klopp always have nice things to say about Arsenal and Arsene. He praised our summer deals as the best. Many Arsenal fans fancies him to takeover from Arsene. His record against Arsenal is not that exciting. Though I would have liked him to be at Arsenal now, I hope Arsene retires with an EPL or UEFA champions Title.

Thin Squad

“In defence we are….the Debuchy injury has put us in a position where we don’t want more injuries,” Wenger said. No Arsene you are wrong. Its your fault. You should have been proactive in the transfer market. Everyone knew we need a CB/DM once Vermaelen was sold. Even you came out and admitted of buying a replacement. Inaction not injuries to be blamed.

50% Defenders Injured

Debuchy and Monreal injured. Chambers is 50/50 for the game. Gibbs is coming back from injury. What is the point of having a whole bunch of midfielders if you cannot have sufficient backup for defenders?. There is a clear difference between hoping to win and planning to win. Arsene did not have any plan to win. He hopes to win with a thin squad. There is no actual plan. This is not the first time our squad is like that in the past 10 years. Its like reading the same book again and again. Every time we hope there is a positive ending but we often forget we are reading the same book. We are extremely lucky to win the FA cup. Thank god for that.

Offensive Arsenal

New Formation to suit our team.

Laurent Koscielny

Koscielny comments during the transfer window:

We’ll need a goalkeeper, a right back, a midfielder and a striker. It’s important to have a minimum of these four players so that we’ll be better able to challenge over the course of a whole season against teams like Man City, Chelsea or (Manchester) United. […]

We need to recruit a very, very good striker, because it’s important for us, for competition for places, because Olivier needs that to become even better. Having a striker who scores more than 30 goals a season can help us win the Premier League. Compared to the squads like Manchester City, even United, Chelsea, you can see there’s a certain difference.

Its not just the fans and pundits that feel our squad is thin. The players too knew about weakness and lack of transfer activity. Out of respect for Arsene and Arsenal the players keep their thoughts among themselves. Laurent Koscielny comments was direct and clear. Laurent Koscielny was an unknown when he came to Arsenal. He was one of the reason we won the FA cup. He has established himself as a key Arsenal player.

How long will he stay? What is next for a player like Koscielny? Will he end his career at Arsenal? Will we question his loyalty if he leaves us?

Like every professional, players wants to move forward. Sagna, Clichy, Nasri, RVP, Cesc etc.. always said one truth before leaving Arsenal i.e. we are not active in the market. We might dislike these players but we cannot ignore the fact that they have taken a step forward (At least they thought they were taking a forward step). Currently Arsenal is not a destination for winning Titles. Unless we win trophies consistently we will continue to lose our players to clubs like Man City, Real, Barca, Bayern etc..

Goodluck Bellerin.


One thought on “Will Laurent Koscielny be the next player to leave Arsenal?

  1. Good read, agree with most of it, well all of it. I like a blog that is honest and doesn’t just faithfully follow everything Arsene does as absolute awesomeness, keep it up!

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