Few more stupid ideas for FA chariman Greg Dyke

Just Read the comments from Football Association Chairman Greg Dyke. The following is the extract.

On Tuesday, the FA sent out its first draft of proposals to reduce the number of non-EU players within English football by up to 50%.

“The present system is chaotic,” Dyke told BBC Sport.

“There are mediocre players that come and take squad places – those could be filled by young English players.”


The idea proposed is to replace the Foreign mediocre players with Overrated English players. Not a bright idea. English premier league is not the only way to improve the local English Talent. It should start at youth levels. Here are few more ideas to reduce the foreign imports.

LOL ways to increase English talent and reduce imports


Why does everyone wants to play in the English Premier League? EPL is one of the most popular league in the world. It is the dream of most football players to play in the EPL. The first step is to divert this dream. Reduce the popularity of the EPL, this would automatically force non-EU players to dream about other leagues.


EPL is being broadcasted throughout the world. Even the remote parts of India and Africa are able to watch the live broadcast of English Premier League. Also there is a huge fan following for the major EPL clubs in Asia, Africa and other countries. If FA ban the broadcast of these matches to Non-EU countries then any professional or small boys would not want to play for the Premier League. 50% ban on live telecast of matches would automatically reduce the number of foreign imports.

English Players in Club Team

Force Every manager in the EPL to play the boring Roy Hodgson way. This would enable the English players to play their usual game for both England and the Club. Make it compulsory for EPL teams to play the English International players in every game.

Ban the Scouting Network

Ban all the clubs from scouting players around the world. Since only Elite players are welcomed in England, there is no point of scouting. Elite players can be easily selected from World cup and Euro Qualifiers.

Salaries and Transfer Fee

Why are the clubs looking for Foreign talents? Andy Carroll costs around 35 million pounds where as Fabregas costs only 28 Million. Public announcement should be made that no English player is worth more than 10 Million Pounds. This would stop clubs from buying players cheap.

Salary Cap and Regional Players

Players are attracted towards money and keep changing clubs. Career of many players like Jack Rodwell goes downhill once they move to big clubs. There should be a rule for players to play for their local team only. London Players should play for London Clubs only. Manchester Players should play for Manchester Clubs only. This would stop players like Danny Welbeck being replaced by foreigner Falcao.

Foreign Owners

Most of the EPL clubs are owned by foreign investors and sponsored by foreign brands. FA should reject all the money from these owners and sponsors. Around 50% reduction of Foreign money should be an ideal start to encourage local investors and players. Local investors will care about their club and players.

Strip the EPL title from Manchester City

Current EPL champions Manchester city had only Joe Hart in their starting line up. Liverpool had more English Players than Manchester city. Strip the title from Manchester city and make Liverpool the champions of English Premier League.

Reject World Cup and Euro

If none of the ideas work there are more than one way to win the world cup. Reject the Existing world cup by FIFA. Start a New world cup. Replace the Euro with UK and World cup with Common Wealth. This would increase the chance of England winning a CUP.



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