Stan Kroenke is no Vincent Tan. Just 3 Million out. This is Modern day Football. Deal with it.

Gone are the days of pure sports. Domestic Leagues in any game is not just about the game. The brand is bigger than the game itself. We are not living in the age where ticket prices alone covers the running cost of the sports. Each sport has its own value. Popularity determines the revenue. There are thousands of revenue streams for any sports.The commercial aspect of the game has vast potential. Big teams with big money always wins trophies. Ask any Chelsea or Manchester city fans.

Not just Football. Its a Business.

Arsenal Football club is not a national club. Its a Domestic English club with global presence. Its a global brand. It has a reputation and fan base to keep up. Players does not join a club based on their love alone. Big money always attracts the best players. Every fan pays for the club. The club is sold to the global audience. This is not just football, it a huge football business. Money is the global language spoken at any sporting event.

venkysWe bought a club which used to play in the Premier League

Stan Kroenke took 3m Out – Big Deal.

As a fan it just pains to see money being taken out. Fans cannot decide the way the club is run or businesses are done. We show our displeasure, but we need to accept that there is nothing illegal happening here. If you think Stan Kroenke invested several around 600million pounds just for the love of the club then you need to check your head examined. Its just a business for them. They expect dividend for their investment. Its only logical that money is being taken out by them. The club wanted his investment but does not want to pay interest for his investments. Totally illogical.

Stan Kroenke is no Vincent Tan

I do not support Stan Kroenke for taking money out of the club. Do I wish there was some other better investor for our club? yes I do, but there are so many clueless investors buying clubs. Few clubs were bought as a rich kids toy. In an ideal world the club should be owned by fans. We do not live in an ideal world. We should be glad that we were owned by Kroenke instead of Vincent Tan or Venky’s.

vincent tanMy toy and my colour

Stan Kroenke is a business man and he has left the football side of the club to the manager and other professionals. Its better to have someone like Kroenke than Vincent Tan. Venky’s bought Blackburn rovers and they were not seen anywhere close to the premier League. Sam was sacked by them and he is still managing an EPL team. We also know about Man united owners taking money out of the club to buy the club.

Fan’s Perspective

As a fan we cannot dictate the club on everything. Arsene wenger has proven time and time again that Fans were wrong. Like every other business the football clubs should be run by professionals. The investors has every right to fiddle with their toys. Lets not abuse Stan Kroenke for taking 3m out of the club. He is going to take larger money in the future. We cannot stop it. Its totally legal. We can only hope he takes out smaller amount without affecting the football side of the club.


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