About Me

I am huge Arsenal Fan from India. I am from the rural part of south India.  I am critical like any other loyal fan and enjoys reading every Arsenal Blog. I am starting to write my own views.

Send me your comments and feedback’s at LOLpundit@gmail.com

My Land

India became the land of cricket after the 1983 world cup success. Every famous world cup started to get noticed in India. Football is famous only during the world cup in India. Indians generally support the famous teams. Brazil and Argentina fans can be found everywhere. Due to the advancement in technology football has started to visit Indian homes.  The advancement in technology coincided with the Hugely dominant Manchester United under SAF. Man U found many fan followers in India.

My Story

I was only interested in world cup football till 2008. In 2008 English Premier League was introduced to me by my beloved Man U supporting colleagues and friends. To annoy my friends I started to cheer Arsenal against ManU. I found my team that day. Nasri was on fire and I had lots of fun watching Arsenal winning 2-1.

nasriOne fine day.

I am not fortunate enough to follow the successful Wenger Era. I started to follow Arsenal during the hardest time for being an Arsenal Fan. I enjoy every moment and proud of supporting this club.


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