North London Derby – The girls did it before and now it’s time for the boys.


There is nothing more than fun than watching Arsenal ripping Tottenham apart for any Arsenal Fan. Arsenal team faces one of the most important rivals in the Premier league. Though its only the belief of Tottenham fans that they are our rivals, I certainly does not think they are of such an importance. They are just another local rival. We are above them and should always aim higher which obviously mean we should kick them every time.

Knowing Arsenal its no guarantee that we will defeat Tottenham. We win against Barcelona and lose against Birmingham. Its always hot and cold for Arsenal. Every Arsenal player will be pumped up for this match. Its a chance to become an instant hero among the fans. Come on Lads

We have always finished above Tottenham. Though Arsenal have better record against Spurs, they also had some very bad performances. I don’t want tomorrow to be one of those days. We are an offensive team lets destroy them.

If case if you are a new Arsenal fan, here is a little bit of history lesson for you.

Tottenham as usual has a new team with new manager. Even spending 100 million did not do them any good. Arsenal core has not changed much. We have strengthened our team offensively which means more goals.

Arsene Wenger

“Ozil played very well against Aston Villa and showed a good understanding with Danny Welbeck,” Wenger said.

“There is a good partnership there, they gave each other goals to score and it was an interesting experience.

“It is tempting to keep him in that central role but I maintain he will play where needed for the balance of the team and that can change game by game.”Tottenham as usual has a new team with new manager. Even spending 100 million did not do them any good. Arsenal core has not changed much. We have strengthened our team offensively which means more goals.

Play Ozil as CB – I don’t care, just win the match. Come on Arsene you can do better than feeding something for fans and media to debate about. This is one of the most important match for Arsenal fans. Just play the best possible team and tear them apart. Play anyone anywhere and win the match. I am least bothered about the players and positions for this match as long us the result is good.

The Ox

Internet fans were celebrating Gibbs birthday with Ox’s photo. We have to love the creativity of our fans. Its just little rude that Gibbs gets a Red card and OX goes on to get the birthday cake too.

“Alexis and Jack played 90 minutes the other day and they’re usually on second-day recovery,” Chamberlain told Arsenal Player.

“But today Alexis really wanted to train and people had to tell him to take it easy.

Bxasmy-IQAAISkvUnleash the Beast

Ox if possible please follow Alexis else think about finding a new club soon. I really hated his statement regarding the training of Sanchez. Though he might have said it in a funny way, I don’t see it that way. You are yet to prove yourself as an Arsenal team player. The Ox is still enjoying his extended honeymoon period, which is available only to British players at Arsenal. If podolski should be shown the exit door soon, then players like Ox should also be the next one in the line unless he proves himself. Walcott and Ramsey too had their honeymoon period. It will end sooner than you think Ox, Better you step up. If Gervinho had a similar honeymoon period, he would have been with us. Who knows, he might have found his shooting boots.


Stan Kroenke is no Vincent Tan. Just 3 Million out. This is Modern day Football. Deal with it.

Gone are the days of pure sports. Domestic Leagues in any game is not just about the game. The brand is bigger than the game itself. We are not living in the age where ticket prices alone covers the running cost of the sports. Each sport has its own value. Popularity determines the revenue. There are thousands of revenue streams for any sports.The commercial aspect of the game has vast potential. Big teams with big money always wins trophies. Ask any Chelsea or Manchester city fans.

Not just Football. Its a Business.

Arsenal Football club is not a national club. Its a Domestic English club with global presence. Its a global brand. It has a reputation and fan base to keep up. Players does not join a club based on their love alone. Big money always attracts the best players. Every fan pays for the club. The club is sold to the global audience. This is not just football, it a huge football business. Money is the global language spoken at any sporting event.

venkysWe bought a club which used to play in the Premier League

Stan Kroenke took 3m Out – Big Deal.

As a fan it just pains to see money being taken out. Fans cannot decide the way the club is run or businesses are done. We show our displeasure, but we need to accept that there is nothing illegal happening here. If you think Stan Kroenke invested several around 600million pounds just for the love of the club then you need to check your head examined. Its just a business for them. They expect dividend for their investment. Its only logical that money is being taken out by them. The club wanted his investment but does not want to pay interest for his investments. Totally illogical.

Stan Kroenke is no Vincent Tan

I do not support Stan Kroenke for taking money out of the club. Do I wish there was some other better investor for our club? yes I do, but there are so many clueless investors buying clubs. Few clubs were bought as a rich kids toy. In an ideal world the club should be owned by fans. We do not live in an ideal world. We should be glad that we were owned by Kroenke instead of Vincent Tan or Venky’s.

vincent tanMy toy and my colour

Stan Kroenke is a business man and he has left the football side of the club to the manager and other professionals. Its better to have someone like Kroenke than Vincent Tan. Venky’s bought Blackburn rovers and they were not seen anywhere close to the premier League. Sam was sacked by them and he is still managing an EPL team. We also know about Man united owners taking money out of the club to buy the club.

Fan’s Perspective

As a fan we cannot dictate the club on everything. Arsene wenger has proven time and time again that Fans were wrong. Like every other business the football clubs should be run by professionals. The investors has every right to fiddle with their toys. Lets not abuse Stan Kroenke for taking 3m out of the club. He is going to take larger money in the future. We cannot stop it. Its totally legal. We can only hope he takes out smaller amount without affecting the football side of the club.

One Less competition to worry about. Drain First team players and demotivate young players.

Why would you play young players if you have the ambition to win the cup?

Why would you play your established players if you have no intention to win the match?

Capital one Cup

Capital One Cup or League cup is the least ranked cup in a season. Arsenal always uses this competition to field young players. Its understandable that young players needs some competition to showcase their talents. Though there are other youth competitions the league cup is generally viewed by the big teams as a training tournament for youngsters. Arsene even tried to field first team out of desperation to win a cup in recent years, but it back fired. We never won this cup even with first team players.

afobeRight place to showcase young talent

Having won the FA cup last year, the pressure to win a trophy was reduced. The expectation to win the league cup was not there at all. We need a bigger squad and quality young players to compete for all four titles. Though winning is a habit, its not sensible to use the first team resources for a lesser important cup.

Arsenal Squad

To win all four competitions the squad needs to be big enough, not just in terms of numbers but in quality. Arsenal squad is always thin in terms of quality. Arsenal starting 11 would win matches against the likes of Bayern Munich, Barcelone etc.. but the team with squad players will lose against the likes of Bradford, Blackburn, Birmingham etc… There is a minimal gap between Arsenal first team squad players and youth players. There is a huge gap between Arsenal Starting 11 and youth players. Arsenal has been trying to win all with a thin squad. SAF has won the league with a team of average players by concentrating only on the Premier league.

I still remember the comments from Ivan Gazidis during 2011-2012 season.

Gazidis – “We’re in three competitions this year. Manchester City would love to be in three competitions,”

We ended the season without any trophy and finished 19 points behind the eventual EPL champions Manchester city. We managed to finish above tottenham with a point difference. This win all attitude cost us lots of points in the EPL league. We often finished fourth in a two horse race.

Sanchez and Chambers

Though there were several first team players in today’s match against southampton, I was really surprised to see Sanchez and Chambers in the starting line up. Both these players cost around 51million pounds. They were not bought to play in a capital one cup match. They have an important role to play in our EPL title run.Chambers is key part of our first team defensive unit which is already bleeding in every position even at this stage of the season. Sanchez needs to play an important role for us to have any chance to win the EPL league.

North London Derby

This week Arsenal will be playing one of their prestigious match against the local rivals. Though Arsenal do not play a big team this weekend still its an important match for the fans. Three points against the team which generally finishes below Arsenal is very important. We could have saved few players for that match.

Capital One cup : Motivation or De-motivation

Winning habit will make the team stronger. Players recover fasts physically after winning a game. Today Arsene has de-motivated his young players and drained some of his first team resources. They could have been fresh for the North London Derby. Arsenal and Arsene needs to plan realistically. They need to focus on EPL and FA cup. There is no point trying to win all with a thin squad.

There is no point mixing first team and youth players. Either go with a full strength team or just stick to experimentation. There were several players who excelled at these league games have left Arsenal for lower leagues. I strongly believe League cup is not a place to show case the youth talent. The loan system already has a place for them to showcase their talents.

Well done Benik Afobe for continuing the fine goal scoring form. Where was Chuba Akpom by the way?

Ignore the hype, It was just Aston Villa? Arsene please stop explaining everything…

Sorry for missing the Blog for few days. I was enjoying my perfect holiday with some amazing football results. Here are my thoughts.

Perfect Weekend

Arsenal Wins with a Clean Sheet

Spurs Lose

Manchester Loses to newly promoted Leicester. LOL

Lampard Scores to deny Chelsea 3 Points

Everton Lose

Liverpool Lose

Hamilton Wins

Arsene Wenger

“[Ozil] had a good performance. The performance is not necessarily linked with the position he played. It was the plan of the day to play him there, but that can change game by game

Arsene wenger always comes up with his views which make me like him much lesser. Sometimes its better Arsene does not explain everything to the fans. Keep it simple Arsene.


Glad to see many Arsenal fans backing Ozil to shine when all the media were turning against him. We have seen the confidence of our players shattered by certain fan section and media. Ozil has nothing to prove as a football player. We are a better team with him. Putting the blame on individual players will not help our team. We should always target our manager. He used to be great but nowadays he is just content being good.


He scored and got an assist. His confidence should be high. Let’s not hype him and compare him to any Arsenal Legend. He has just taken his baby steps to be an Arsenal player.

arsenal-8New Henry – Let’s Hype

Santi Cazorla

He does not cease to amaze me. Every time he is on the pitch the whole Arsenal team looks and plays better. The little magician played a key role on our FA cup and Community Shield triumph. I hope he signs a contract extension and stays with us for few more years. There is something very special about him.

Monreal and Debuchy Out

Note sure we are going to get any better news from injury department. It keeps getting bad every day. We can only pray the rest of the defenders remains injuries free till these players come back.

League Cup – Scouting for defenders.

I hope Arsene does not risk any of our remaining defenders in this useless game. Looking forward to see our young guns dismantle the Southampton team. Akpom always impressed me whenever I have seen him play. Let’s see if we can find some back up defenders for our first team.

diabyI guess, I am Back

Diaby – You always remind me of the Newcastle Game. 😦

 Arsenal is not good at increasing the Gap.

Leicester had perfect tactics to exploit the space behind the wing backs. They had clear tactics and executed well against the team which keeps boasting their attacking strength and transfer success. Small teams will always come up with innovative tactics to steal points against big teams. Arsene’s faith in beautiful football has failed us many times. We need to capitalize when our rivals lose points. Our inability to take a clear lead was well established. We were always good at closing the gap, but we were never good at increasing the gap. I hope it changes this season. Let’s increase the gap further by pushing the spurs further down. We need to keep the momentum and stay close at the top. Every Arsenal Fan will be pissed to see Chelsea breaking away even at this stage of the league.

Let’s not Hype

Our rivals have lost points and we are still unbeaten in the league. Let’s not hype the team and players. We are yet to prove ourselves with some big three points. We did not take three points against Everton and Man city. It’s too early to talk about title credentials. We can safely assume that there is a good chance that we might finish third. Let’s enjoy our unbeaten run and also have fun laughing at Manchester united. They look like an Arsenal Team in recent years. A Team full of attacking talent with suspect defense.

Is Arsenal Squad really thin or its just an Unbalanced Team? Arteta is no Bastian Schweinsteiger :(

Often Arsene is being criticized for having a very thin squad. Our complete team gets exposed when one key player gets injured for some time. Last year our title charge was halted once Walcott and Ramsey were injured. Does Arsenal really have a thin squad?

Its a generally accepted view that every position should have at least two players for the whole season. 22 quality players are required. Few additional versatile and young players are also required to manage at difficult times and to adjust for various tactics. English Premier league has a squad restriction that does not allow any team to have unlimited number of players. Almost every team in EPL has similar number of players. Only quality determines the champions.

A balaced team always deserves to be champions. A balanced team always wins titles. Balance is required in Quality, Quantity and Play.

Thin Squad or Mediocre Players

First Team

Arsenal is an offensive team. There is no surprise that there are so many midfielder and forwards. Looking at the numbers, we can clearly say our squad is not thin. We had adequate number of players to challenge for all the titles. We always have adequate number of players in recent years. We have not won enough. There can be only one reason to that. We are simply not good enough.

Our squad is totally unbalanced. We have 20 players to cover 6 positions in the offensive section. We have merely 6 players to cover 4 positions. There is no way this can be justified as a balanced team. Our team is totally unbalanced.

Tracking Back

We can argue that Arsenal tend to defend as a team. That is actually not working. The need for Sanchez and Ozil tracking back is not good for the team when they are in the attack mode. Their defensive duties should help the team when we defend a slender lead in final few minutes. There is no point for Ozil to track back during the first few minutes of the game. Defenders should be strong enough to deal with those attacks. This is another reason for our ineffective counter attack. Sanchez tracking back nullifies an attacking threat, this unbalances our team. We have been playing this unbalanced team for several seasons.

Physical Unbalance

Arsenal team is Physically unbalanced compared to most teams in Europe. Arsenal Invincibles were no midgets, they were giants and cannot be bullied by any opponents. A team cannot be made of tall giants. Most technically gifted players were not big. Having a team full of midgets is not going to help us either. Physically and technically strong team is needed. Easily Man city defenders bullied our attackers. We should at least have few more stronger & taller players in our defense to help us during set pieces and counter attacks.

Out of Position

Having versatile players in the squad is really good, but its important to have specialist players. Special players will always excel in their position. Playing Ozil in wings and expecting him to track back is simply a total waste of talent. Why not have a proper winger like Podolski or buy real winger? The Ox played too was often played as a winger, but he just vanishes  from the line and moves to the middle. This allows space for the opponents to attack through wings. Though players are aware of their playing positions sometimes they fail in their unnatural positions.

Balancing the Team

Is every team in the world balanced? Does everyone plays best players in their positions? The answer is no. Even if the team is balanced in every aspect you still need someone to keep the team balanced throughout the 90 periods. The game is not one dimensional. It changes every second. The tactics has to be changed based on the opponents and players strengths. Only one man in football has that responsibility. Only a Manager can keep the team balanced. This is the reason the manager is very important in football than any other game. Many coaches like Pep stands on the touch line and always shouts at players to keep the shape of the team. They keep on instructing players to keep their shape in attack and defense. Leaders on pitch too organizes the team.


Germany was a totally unbalanced team. France had better strikers, wingers and defenders. They had betters players in each position. Germany took a lead and stole the game away from them slowly. Germany game changed during the course of the tournament. Ozil was played out of position. Howedes was played as Full back. They played with static full back since Lahm was playing in the middle. Lahm changed position for the final. As a team they were organised. They covered for each others weakness. Bastian Schweinsteiger was a real steel and leader on the pitch. He played a key role in keeping team organised. Unbalanced teams can win title if they keep evolving.

Managers and Leaders on pitch wins titles. Arsene is not going to shout from the touch line, Someone else has to do it for Arsenal on the pitch.

Few more stupid ideas for FA chariman Greg Dyke

Just Read the comments from Football Association Chairman Greg Dyke. The following is the extract.

On Tuesday, the FA sent out its first draft of proposals to reduce the number of non-EU players within English football by up to 50%.

“The present system is chaotic,” Dyke told BBC Sport.

“There are mediocre players that come and take squad places – those could be filled by young English players.”

The idea proposed is to replace the Foreign mediocre players with Overrated English players. Not a bright idea. English premier league is not the only way to improve the local English Talent. It should start at youth levels. Here are few more ideas to reduce the foreign imports.

LOL ways to increase English talent and reduce imports


Why does everyone wants to play in the English Premier League? EPL is one of the most popular league in the world. It is the dream of most football players to play in the EPL. The first step is to divert this dream. Reduce the popularity of the EPL, this would automatically force non-EU players to dream about other leagues.


EPL is being broadcasted throughout the world. Even the remote parts of India and Africa are able to watch the live broadcast of English Premier League. Also there is a huge fan following for the major EPL clubs in Asia, Africa and other countries. If FA ban the broadcast of these matches to Non-EU countries then any professional or small boys would not want to play for the Premier League. 50% ban on live telecast of matches would automatically reduce the number of foreign imports.

English Players in Club Team

Force Every manager in the EPL to play the boring Roy Hodgson way. This would enable the English players to play their usual game for both England and the Club. Make it compulsory for EPL teams to play the English International players in every game.

Ban the Scouting Network

Ban all the clubs from scouting players around the world. Since only Elite players are welcomed in England, there is no point of scouting. Elite players can be easily selected from World cup and Euro Qualifiers.

Salaries and Transfer Fee

Why are the clubs looking for Foreign talents? Andy Carroll costs around 35 million pounds where as Fabregas costs only 28 Million. Public announcement should be made that no English player is worth more than 10 Million Pounds. This would stop clubs from buying players cheap.

Salary Cap and Regional Players

Players are attracted towards money and keep changing clubs. Career of many players like Jack Rodwell goes downhill once they move to big clubs. There should be a rule for players to play for their local team only. London Players should play for London Clubs only. Manchester Players should play for Manchester Clubs only. This would stop players like Danny Welbeck being replaced by foreigner Falcao.

Foreign Owners

Most of the EPL clubs are owned by foreign investors and sponsored by foreign brands. FA should reject all the money from these owners and sponsors. Around 50% reduction of Foreign money should be an ideal start to encourage local investors and players. Local investors will care about their club and players.

Strip the EPL title from Manchester City

Current EPL champions Manchester city had only Joe Hart in their starting line up. Liverpool had more English Players than Manchester city. Strip the title from Manchester city and make Liverpool the champions of English Premier League.

Reject World Cup and Euro

If none of the ideas work there are more than one way to win the world cup. Reject the Existing world cup by FIFA. Start a New world cup. Replace the Euro with UK and World cup with Common Wealth. This would increase the chance of England winning a CUP.


Hoodie outplays the Suit: Everything Expected from Arsenal Team delivered by Borussia Dortmund

Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund

Arsenal is not new to champions league or playing against Borussia Dortmund. Arsenal and BvB have been facing each other frequently in recent years. There are certain similarities between both the teams. They are known for developing players and losing established players to their rivals. Wine loving Arsene and beer loving Klopp always has nice things to say about each other. Arsene is a much accomplished senior worldclass manager. Klopp looks like he would surpass wenger’s achievements by the time he reaches Arsene’s age.

Arsenal was not the only team suffering from missing players due to injuries. Borussia had their own fair share of injuries. Marco Reus, Mats Hummels, Gundogan, Nuri Sahin etc.. were not part of the team that faced Arsenal.

Arsenal Vs Borussia Dortmund

Arsenal started the match in typical Arsenal way. There was no urgency in their start. Borussia gave the taste of its own medicine to Arsenal. Arsene’s Team was always known for its Possession football, but yesterday it was not their day. BvB players ran circles around Arsenal team. Arsenal could not string three passes together. BvB pressed, dispossessed, passed and done everything that Arsenal fans expect from their beloved Arsenal team. Looking only at the colours of the shirts any fan would be thinking the yellow team was the real Arsenal team. The real Arsenal team in blue looked totally fake and clueless. Even multiple long balls fell directly to BvB players.

Koscielny volleyball

Koscielny had enough. He found the only way to touch the ball

It was really painful to watch Arsenal players being outplayed in every aspect of the game. Koscielny and Szczesny kept our hopes alive. BvB were really threatening to score multiple goals. They had several chances but none found the back of the net. The first Arsenal chance game from a cross from our LB Gibbs to our lone striker welbeck. We could have taken the lead in spite of playing some horrible football. but it did not happen. The game was approaching the half time and scores were at level. The possession stats were unbelievable. Few minutes before the half time Immobile ran through the middle and put the ball into the net from a tight angle. Deserving BvB took the lead for their wonderful football. Only one team had the fire in their belly to win the game. They did everything right to take the lead. Apart from the obvious dive from their number 10, I did not find anything wrong with their game.


There is one thing that any manger does when the opponent outplays and controls the game completely. Substitution and change of tactics is the obvious and known solution, but Arsene does not believe in any of those proven tactics. He does the same thing again and again, So we continued to play the same team. The Hungry opponents punished arsenal within few minutes of second half. Our defense was totally exposed. It was a lovely finish from stumbling Aubameyang. Arsenal could have conceded much more, wooden post saved us from further embarrassment.


 Another Positive: Professional looking than the Hoodie.

Is there any positive to take from this game? Bellerin started well and was not humiliated much like the rest of his team mates. Arsenal did not concede goals from Set pieces is the only real positive we can take from this game. There is no shame in losing to a team like Borussia under their inspirational manager Jurgen Klopp. The way we played is really shameful.

Arsene will never change his methods, but there is no denying that his time is running out at Arsenal. Its time for Arsenal to look at managers like Jurgen Klopp who managed to put out a team of talented players in spite of losing several players to injuries & to rivals. Klopp is everything that Wenger is not anymore – tactically aware and motivational. I really want Arsene to retire with a major trophy, but I don’t want to wait for another three seasons for that to happen.

Nobody can do what Arsene has done for Arsenal over the years, but currently many can do better than what he is doing at Arsenal.