0-2 : Man City Vs Arsenal Match Report. Francis Coquelin – New leader emerges

Arsenal began the game from where they left off against Stoke city. Arsenal played a high intensity game against a better team in terms of quality. Stoke were nasty and there were some high intense tackles flew around, but the match against Manchester city was more about the technical quality of Arsenal team, they combined it with their energy. It was clearly evident from the starting line up and the way Arsenal started the match that Arsenal badly wanted a win just like they did against Stoke city FC.

Arsenal record against top four teams were really embarrassing. Although Arsenal started this season with a win against MCFC 3-0 in the Community Shield, but lost 2-0 lead in the EPL match at Emirates and ended the game at 2-2. Arsenal had lot at stake but Abu Dhabi club has the danger of drifting away from their Russian rivals in the EPL race. Weekend football results were least favorable for Arsenal. Every possible result went against Arsenal.

Thank god. Just only one DM

Thank god. Just only one DM

Surprisingly Arsenal started a team identical to that of team that started against Stoke. Bellerin replaced the injured Debuchy and Aaron Ramsey replaced Thomas Rosicky in the starting line up. Thankfully there was no Flamini in the starting line up. Coquelin and Ospina deservedly kept their place in the starting line up. Arsenal has wealth of midfielder in their squad but it was always puzzling when they start the match with Flamini and Arteta.

First Half

Koscielny picked up an early yellow but Arsenal started the match brightly. Arsenal Midfield was full of energy and played a high intensity game. Arsenal team took the fight to Etihad. There was no holding back. Sanchez was threatening, Giroud came close but he could not make it count. The neat passing between Sanchez, Ramsey, Monreal and Giroud made Vincent Kompany to make his usual rugy tackle on Nacho. Manuel pellegini thought it was a dive in his post match interview. WTF Manuel, it was a stone wall penalty, but with Arsenal’s luck with referee decisions fans were surprised that the referee gave us the penalty. Santi stepped up and scored. The joyful Arsenal fans had to go through some nervous moments during the final few minutes of the first half. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was clearly not in the level of Ramsey, Santi, Coquelin and sanchez, he kept losing the ball putting the team under pressure.

Second Half

History suggest that Arsenal fans can never rest, even when they were leading 4-0 at the end of first half, but this team was not nervous, they continued their dominance. Man City made some changes replacing the underrated James Milner. The Ox was replaced as expected. Though he had his moments but kept losing the balls putting the team under pressure. Hard working Sanchez was fouled by Jovetic. Awesome Santi stepped up again to deliver the dead ball into the box. Man city were known for their defense, but there was some chaos in organizing the defense for the free kick, Giroud took full advantage of it and headed the ball in. The goal made the fans go wild, but his celebrations would have made the day for the ladies. Kompany stayed on the pitch in spite of his tackle on Alexis. Flamini could have made it 3-0, but at the end it was a good win for Arsenal with a clean sheet.

The players were really knackered. Ramsey was visibly tired at 85th minute. Everyone’s hard work paid off.


Santi dance

Man of the Match : Santi Cazorla. He did everything in style.

Flop of the Match : Alex oxlade-Chamberlain

It was not a good day for Ox. Bellerin and Ospina played well. The attacking threat of Bellerin will increase in multiple folds when Arsenal players starts to trust him little more. Coquelin was a real leader on the pitch. He continued his fine form and he is going to keep his place in the starting line up. His passion and awareness was really good. The 23 year old was instructing, shouting, tackling, intercepting but most importantly kept his cool.

Well done lads.


Is Arsene’s English Obsession costing Arsenal? Start convincing yourself for 4th place trophy.

I am not against any English players, but just playing them ahead of Sanchez and Santi is really sick. After the failure of Youth project, Arsene has a new pet project in his hands. British youth obsession. Is it really an obsession or Arsene wenger is believing the hype placed on the English shoulders. The french man’s most successful era was with his own national players. French core won us several trophies, but his current obsession with English players is costing us several points.

tottenham lineup

Though the line up showed ozil on the middle, he was actually playing from the LW. Six English players in our starting line up. I do not doubt the quality of certain first team English Players. Gibbs, Ramsey and Chambers has proven themselves. Welbeck is the only proven premier league striker available at our disposal. Its only English obsession to start Jack and Ox ahead of Santi and Sanchez.

Santi is one of our most consistent player. Time and time again he has proven his importance at Arsenal. Arsene wanted to prove right of his obsession. This is not league up to throw away. This was the most emotional match of the season. Arsene’s obsession is above everything. We have to accept it and live with it.

Arsenal Vs Tottenham

Santi Cazorla and Alexis Sanchez should have started our attack. This is north london derby for god’s sake. We should be spanking our mid table neighbours. Arsenal is a very strong offensive team. Their attack is always dangerous until the ball reaches the opposition goal keeper. Once the ball gets closer to the opposition keeper the attack becomes flat. We have seen this for several years. There is no clean striker of the ball. Passing the ball into the net always gets us close to goal of the season but nowhere near to any trophy.

There is nothing new in the way Arsenal plays these days. Its the same old beautiful football without any actual purpose. We are known for conceding stupid goals and giving away the leads. Flamini lost the ball in our own half and spurs scores. What a surprise defending? Our defense gives us the illusion they were strong, but they always find stupid ways to leak goals.

Killer Instinct

Dominant football without any end product. Conceding goals always wakes up Arsene and Arsenal team. There is something seriously wrong with this Arsenal team. May be this is the reason we have not won many trophies. Zero killer Instinct. Having football without any threat to opposition goal. Our way of football ignores the fact that there is a goal keeper guarding the post.

We pulled one back once we had Santi and Sanchez on the pitch. There is no point talking about injuries. Its same old Arsenal.

Its really surprising that two of our former goal keepers managed to keep clean sheets but the only one failed is our number one goal keeper. We can keep blaming players like Ozil, Podolski etc… but We will continue to remain the same until we change the manager.

4th Place Trophy

If Ozil played well with Welbeck through the middle then why would you change that? There is a limit to your obsession Arsene. We have already lost 8 points in the league. There is only one person to be blamed. I really hope Arsene wenger leaves Arsenal soon without tainting his legacy.

North London Derby – The girls did it before and now it’s time for the boys.


There is nothing more than fun than watching Arsenal ripping Tottenham apart for any Arsenal Fan. Arsenal team faces one of the most important rivals in the Premier league. Though its only the belief of Tottenham fans that they are our rivals, I certainly does not think they are of such an importance. They are just another local rival. We are above them and should always aim higher which obviously mean we should kick them every time.

Knowing Arsenal its no guarantee that we will defeat Tottenham. We win against Barcelona and lose against Birmingham. Its always hot and cold for Arsenal. Every Arsenal player will be pumped up for this match. Its a chance to become an instant hero among the fans. Come on Lads

We have always finished above Tottenham. Though Arsenal have better record against Spurs, they also had some very bad performances. I don’t want tomorrow to be one of those days. We are an offensive team lets destroy them.

If case if you are a new Arsenal fan, here is a little bit of history lesson for you.

Tottenham as usual has a new team with new manager. Even spending 100 million did not do them any good. Arsenal core has not changed much. We have strengthened our team offensively which means more goals.

Arsene Wenger

“Ozil played very well against Aston Villa and showed a good understanding with Danny Welbeck,” Wenger said.

“There is a good partnership there, they gave each other goals to score and it was an interesting experience.

“It is tempting to keep him in that central role but I maintain he will play where needed for the balance of the team and that can change game by game.”Tottenham as usual has a new team with new manager. Even spending 100 million did not do them any good. Arsenal core has not changed much. We have strengthened our team offensively which means more goals.

Play Ozil as CB – I don’t care, just win the match. Come on Arsene you can do better than feeding something for fans and media to debate about. This is one of the most important match for Arsenal fans. Just play the best possible team and tear them apart. Play anyone anywhere and win the match. I am least bothered about the players and positions for this match as long us the result is good.

The Ox

Internet fans were celebrating Gibbs birthday with Ox’s photo. We have to love the creativity of our fans. Its just little rude that Gibbs gets a Red card and OX goes on to get the birthday cake too.

“Alexis and Jack played 90 minutes the other day and they’re usually on second-day recovery,” Chamberlain told Arsenal Player.

“But today Alexis really wanted to train and people had to tell him to take it easy.

Bxasmy-IQAAISkvUnleash the Beast

Ox if possible please follow Alexis else think about finding a new club soon. I really hated his statement regarding the training of Sanchez. Though he might have said it in a funny way, I don’t see it that way. You are yet to prove yourself as an Arsenal team player. The Ox is still enjoying his extended honeymoon period, which is available only to British players at Arsenal. If podolski should be shown the exit door soon, then players like Ox should also be the next one in the line unless he proves himself. Walcott and Ramsey too had their honeymoon period. It will end sooner than you think Ox, Better you step up. If Gervinho had a similar honeymoon period, he would have been with us. Who knows, he might have found his shooting boots.

Is Arsenal Squad really thin or its just an Unbalanced Team? Arteta is no Bastian Schweinsteiger :(

Often Arsene is being criticized for having a very thin squad. Our complete team gets exposed when one key player gets injured for some time. Last year our title charge was halted once Walcott and Ramsey were injured. Does Arsenal really have a thin squad?

Its a generally accepted view that every position should have at least two players for the whole season. 22 quality players are required. Few additional versatile and young players are also required to manage at difficult times and to adjust for various tactics. English Premier league has a squad restriction that does not allow any team to have unlimited number of players. Almost every team in EPL has similar number of players. Only quality determines the champions.

A balaced team always deserves to be champions. A balanced team always wins titles. Balance is required in Quality, Quantity and Play.

Thin Squad or Mediocre Players

First Team

Arsenal is an offensive team. There is no surprise that there are so many midfielder and forwards. Looking at the numbers, we can clearly say our squad is not thin. We had adequate number of players to challenge for all the titles. We always have adequate number of players in recent years. We have not won enough. There can be only one reason to that. We are simply not good enough.

Our squad is totally unbalanced. We have 20 players to cover 6 positions in the offensive section. We have merely 6 players to cover 4 positions. There is no way this can be justified as a balanced team. Our team is totally unbalanced.

Tracking Back

We can argue that Arsenal tend to defend as a team. That is actually not working. The need for Sanchez and Ozil tracking back is not good for the team when they are in the attack mode. Their defensive duties should help the team when we defend a slender lead in final few minutes. There is no point for Ozil to track back during the first few minutes of the game. Defenders should be strong enough to deal with those attacks. This is another reason for our ineffective counter attack. Sanchez tracking back nullifies an attacking threat, this unbalances our team. We have been playing this unbalanced team for several seasons.

Physical Unbalance

Arsenal team is Physically unbalanced compared to most teams in Europe. Arsenal Invincibles were no midgets, they were giants and cannot be bullied by any opponents. A team cannot be made of tall giants. Most technically gifted players were not big. Having a team full of midgets is not going to help us either. Physically and technically strong team is needed. Easily Man city defenders bullied our attackers. We should at least have few more stronger & taller players in our defense to help us during set pieces and counter attacks.

Out of Position

Having versatile players in the squad is really good, but its important to have specialist players. Special players will always excel in their position. Playing Ozil in wings and expecting him to track back is simply a total waste of talent. Why not have a proper winger like Podolski or buy real winger? The Ox played too was often played as a winger, but he just vanishes  from the line and moves to the middle. This allows space for the opponents to attack through wings. Though players are aware of their playing positions sometimes they fail in their unnatural positions.

Balancing the Team

Is every team in the world balanced? Does everyone plays best players in their positions? The answer is no. Even if the team is balanced in every aspect you still need someone to keep the team balanced throughout the 90 periods. The game is not one dimensional. It changes every second. The tactics has to be changed based on the opponents and players strengths. Only one man in football has that responsibility. Only a Manager can keep the team balanced. This is the reason the manager is very important in football than any other game. Many coaches like Pep stands on the touch line and always shouts at players to keep the shape of the team. They keep on instructing players to keep their shape in attack and defense. Leaders on pitch too organizes the team.


Germany was a totally unbalanced team. France had better strikers, wingers and defenders. They had betters players in each position. Germany took a lead and stole the game away from them slowly. Germany game changed during the course of the tournament. Ozil was played out of position. Howedes was played as Full back. They played with static full back since Lahm was playing in the middle. Lahm changed position for the final. As a team they were organised. They covered for each others weakness. Bastian Schweinsteiger was a real steel and leader on the pitch. He played a key role in keeping team organised. Unbalanced teams can win title if they keep evolving.

Managers and Leaders on pitch wins titles. Arsene is not going to shout from the touch line, Someone else has to do it for Arsenal on the pitch.

Is Ozil the new Arshavin? The best number 10 in the world on Wings…

Arsene’s Admission

Arsenal are not a strong physical team. The need for a strong physical presence in our midfield was well established. If Arsene believes the same like everyone else then he must have addressed it during the transfer window. Once transfer window was closed I was under the assumption that Arsene is thinking differently to fans and media. He made us believe a physical presence is not needed at the end of the transfer window, I never thought he would admit the weakness

Arsene Wenger’s Admission

” I think it’s good recruitment, we took Debuchy to replace Sagna and three young players, including Chambers, promising, Welbeck and Sanchez.

On the whole I am very satisfied. We might be able to do a little more, people say that we lack a physical presence in midfield, one profile at a Vieira or Petit, it’s true that this is what we need “

Why would you not address the weakness? If you have a plan to win the league then how come you ignore the weakness? Unless your ambition is something else.

Is ozil the New Arshavin?

LineupOzil on Arshavin’s Position

Arshavin had an immediate impact when he arrived at Arsenal. He was heavily featured on the wings. His best position was on the middle. We shifted him to the left as part of team formation or just to accommodate both Fabregas and Arshavin in the same team. We always played a play maker on the wings. This has worked for Arsenal. We did manage to play well with players like Nasri, Gervinho, Arshavin etc.. on the wings. Where are these players now?

We managed to win games with play maker on the wings. We won the FA cup with a play maker on the wings, but we have a unhappy player on the LW. All the players played in that position were unhappy. The fans turn their back on them and soon they leave the club.

I do not want to think that Ozil might leave this club. He made an immense effect on our team. We won our first trophy in his first season after so many years. He was undoubtedly one of the best number 10 in the world. Now we have shifted him to LW to accommodate both wilshere and Ramsey in the middle. Though Jack Wilshere made a huge impact from the middle, I still believe its waste of having ozil on the wings. He did not have much effect on the game. The fans are already started to blame him.

If our plan is to play the both Ramsey and Jack in the middle why not have someone like Joel & Podolski on the wings? I love ozil but will rather have someone like Podolski/Joel play on the wings rather than him.

Podoski and Joel Campell

Its clear that Arsene wenger does not trust this pair. They both did not feature in the match against Manchester City. I believer either or both would leave the club in January. I would love to have these players in our squad and use them.


Injuries cannot be an excuse for several years. Every year we end up blaming the bad luck. Our squad is too thin. Arsene always have a thin squad and blame on the injury to key players. He always hopes to win matches with starting 11. To win the league you need a strong squad not just 11. We are always short of 2-3 players. Hope it does not hurt us badly. Come back soon Debuchy.

Arsenal Vs Man City : Stupid Arsenal Lost two points or Lucky Arsenal gained one Point

Arsenal vs Manchester City

One of our first biggest match of the season. Arsenal started well with their attacking moves. Ramsey tried his luck with some long range shots. The match looked like Arsenal Boys vs Manchester Men. We were bullied, kicked and fouled. The referee was reluctant to give any cards. Our football and passing ability was clearly visible when we out played the Sheik’s team during the opening minutes.

Ozil on the Left wing

There are certain things that cannot be explained when it comes to transfer policy, team selection and substitution. The best number 10 in the world started on the wings. I think this is the only way to accommodate both Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey into the squad. Is that our best starting 11. I am not sure. Ozil is not a winger. He is also not athletic enough to track back. Arsene is taking the Arshavin route for Ozil.

free header 2Arsene Wenger : ” we are an offensive team “

First Goal.

Nacho Monreal is not going to catch Jesus navas. He was the fastest man on the pitch. Navas made a great run with the ball and delivered the ball to Sergio Aguero. No one tracked Sergio and he punished Arsenal. Who is suppose to track his run? We don’t bother to keep our defensive shape when our team is in attack mode.

Jack’s Equalizer & Sanchez Yellow card

Laurent Koscielny forced Aguero to lose the ball, within next three touches we equalized against the giant looking Man City. Sanchez to Ramsey, Ramey to Jack and we celebrated. It was a well taken goal. Clichy looked like an idiot when jack scored.

Jack was having a great game. The second goal went through him. Very good header from Jack brought the perfect volley from Sanchez for our second goal. Sanchez loved and celebrated wildly. The referee decided to use his cards. Arsenal lead against the bully boys.

Same old Arsenal

leichester free headerWho will track the Striker to stop the free header?

Only one thing that is consistent about this Arsenal team is their defending. They make some of the silliest mistake in the game of football. We as Arsenal fan knew that it only takes one set piece for Arsenal to lose the game. We have seen it several times in recent years and it was time again to see once again. We did concede our routine set piece goal. There are certain things we never change or learn from it. Stupid Arsenal conceded again. Its always difficult for the midget Arsenal team to defend against the defensive giants, that does not mean you have to make their life easier. It was a free header. We just warped and gifted the second goal.

Nervy Final Minutes

We have seen time and time again once we concede some silly goal, the confidence goes out of the roof. It becomes easier for the opponent. We could have easily conceded multiple goals. Danny welbeck tried his luck after being down for some time. We escaped with a draw, but did not escape from Injury. Debuchy was stretched off, hope its not serious. The last thing we want is some long term injury to our defender. we were also lucky with the penalty shout against Jack.

Manuel Pellegrini

Shut up and stop whining. You should be an arrogant and ignorant idiot to claim those goals as illegal.

on the problems at the back… Arsene Wenger
We conceded two goals and I believe we are an offensive team. We go forward a lot but at the moment that’s where we can improve. YAWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

Though we all can be happy about the lucky point gained. We should have buried the game when we had the chance. I hope it boosts our confidence to go through the upcoming tough spell.

Left Wing : The Most unpredictable Position in Arsenal Line up.

As we are preparing for the one of the biggest game of this season. We face the richest and current champions of English Premier League. Also they were one of the first club to contribute towards FFP fine. They have a big squad of world class talents. They even managed to keep their key player Yaya toure by promising additional cake for his next birthday.

There is no denying that Man city are a better team. They have won two EPL titles in past three years. Arsenal as always unpredictable when it comes to big matches. In recent few years our record against top teams is much worse than Sunderland. We could not even beat David Moyes Manchester united team. On our day we are unstoppable. We have killed some major teams in the Champions League. Our stating 11 is good enough to beat any team in the world. We should be very pleased that we are facing the Sheiks team much earlier. Most of our players are fit and raring to go. Lets hope we remain unbeaten. Generally A draw will be considered as a good result. Its a bad result if we are really ambitious to win the league.

Man city will set up their team with Multiple DM’s and Strikers. Their quality in the Defensive Midfield and Striker might hurt us. If we started strongly then slowly we can get into the game and win it. Any error at the opening minutes will not be a good day for Arsenal team and Fans.

2014 first team LWPotential Left Wingers

Not just three points are on the line. The confidence of the New signings are on the line. Coming out with all three points will lift the squad massively. The last thing we need is for Arsene set up the squad negatively. We cannot setup the squad negatively and play for a draw. The quality of Man city will definitely hurt us badly if we play for a draw. We need to go for the kill. The last thing I want to see in the squad is both Flamini and Arteta starting the match. That would be sending a wrong message to fans and opponents. We cannot be scared of them if we really compete for the title.

Anyone Can play in our Left Wing

Left wing is the most unpredictable position in our team. Its the most flexible position as per Arsene. He will play anyone in this position. All other positions are almost fixed in our starting Line up. He even played Gibbs in the LW. Historically we play a playmaker in the Left Wing. Nasri, Arshavin, Santi, Ozil, Rosicky, Jack etc… Played in that position in recent years. Only Gervinho and Podolski were close to proper wingers to have played in that position. Who will play in that position this weekend?

Here is my Prediction.


Looking at the training pictures Joel Campbell is heavy featured. I guess he might start for Arsenal at the LW position. Lukas Podolski and Joel should be fighting for that position. For some reason Arsene does not trust Podolski much. This season will determine the careers of both players. The world cup winner has to have a big impact this season to be considered as a successful at Arsenal. Campbell has to cement his place soon to have any chance of having a career at Arsenal.

We are always in for a surprise in this position. Ozil or Santi may play there. Who knows?

We already defeated Man City this season for a title. We need to beat them again for another title.

Good Luck Sanchez and Welbeck to kick start your Arsenal Career.