Is Arsenal the most boring club in announcing the new Signing? Shocking Commerical Performace

Thomas Vermaelen joined Arsenal as an unknown CB in 2009. He scored a goal on his debut, he instantly became a fan favourite earning him the nick name “The Verminator”.  Arsenal really found a very good defender and leader in Thomas Vermaelen. Arsene’s magic of unearthing gems was proven once again with the purchase of Koscielny. Koscielny and Vermaelen were Arsene Wenger’s first choice Centre Backs, but it never worked out as hoped by the boss. Last minute panic buy Mertesacker and his partnership with Kos pushed the verminator back. Injuries and new CB pairing relegated Verminator to the Bench.

Selling Arsenal captain has become a tradition. Is there a curse on the Arm Band? Just like the number 9. Luckily Arteta has extended his contract. Let’s see if we follow the tradition.

2014 Summer transfer window opened with all the hype and Arsene wenger almost full filled his promises. Arsene kept repeating that AFC will sign a centre back if Vermaelen leaves. Vermaelen left as expected but our target Kostas Manolas signed for Roma. Arsenal started the season with some massive hole in the squad. Debuchy and Monreal had to cover for the CB position.

Gabriel Paulista completes Summer Transfer Window

Arsene wenger is not the type of manager who goes for the kill. Last year Arsenal was leading the League table with some shortage in the squad. Arsene Wenger never bothered to buy a striker and we ended up finishing fourth after leading the table for more than 200 days. Arsene wanted to complete his summer transfer window, which was replacing Thomas Vermaelen. He identified the Brazilian CB Gabriel Paulista. Endless rumours were circulated including work permit, ManU last minute bid etc.. Everything made the gooners nervous. Although he was unknown, Arsenal fans were excited by the YouTube clips. He looks really good. A real replacement for Thomas Vermaelen. Welcome Gabriel Paulista.

You will not see this at Arsenal

You will not see this at Arsenal

There is something definitely wrong with the Arsenal Football club. I noticed two things.

1. Most new contracts are signed from the treatment room

2. Apart from Last day deals, every deal takes forever for announcing.

Treatment Table Contracts:

Some of the contract extensions signed by Arsenal Players were from the treatment room. Does Arsenal threaten the players in the treatment table to sign the contract?. LOL. Diaby, Rosicky, Walcott, Vermaelen, Ramsey etc.. Signed contract extensions when they were on the treatment table. RVP would have signed an extension if He was injured during the last season at Arsenal. One injury free season and he is gone. Damn it, our Injury table trick did not work. Arteta has signed a contract extension from the treatment room. Arsenal does need some experienced heads around.

Lengthy time to Announce the Deal

This too prohibited at Arsenal

This too prohibited at Arsenal

Arsenal should be most boring club to announce the signing of any new player. Perhaps the Arsenal marketing department is totally lazy to do something to improve our commercial revenue. There is no photo of a player during medical. No unveiling of the player. Arsenal try to preserve the open secret for a long time and announce the deals silently on their website followed by some bunch of videos with scripted questions and answers. It’s really depressing and boring. Arsenal Football club is feeding trolls and media houses to make money. Why not unveil the player in front of fans? Why not market the shirts earlier?

Lazy guys in Big Suits

Shocking performance by Commercials team

Shocking performance by Commercial team

No wonder the fans have to pay for the laziness of the Arsenal commercial team. Arsenal marketing team should be ashamed to look at the graph. Keep increasing the match day revenue and screw the fans with ticket prices. Worst performance by Arsenal commercial team among the top clubs. The commercial revenue is not in line with the revenues from the other two areas. Arsene Wenger is really making some positive changes in the squad. He is slowly building a stronger squad. Its time for the marketing team to step up.

Ticket prices will pay my Bonus

Ticket prices will pay my Bonus

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