Is Arsene’s English Obsession costing Arsenal? Start convincing yourself for 4th place trophy.

I am not against any English players, but just playing them ahead of Sanchez and Santi is really sick. After the failure of Youth project, Arsene has a new pet project in his hands. British youth obsession. Is it really an obsession or Arsene wenger is believing the hype placed on the English shoulders. The french man’s most successful era was with his own national players. French core won us several trophies, but his current obsession with English players is costing us several points.

tottenham lineup

Though the line up showed ozil on the middle, he was actually playing from the LW. Six English players in our starting line up. I do not doubt the quality of certain first team English Players. Gibbs, Ramsey and Chambers has proven themselves. Welbeck is the only proven premier league striker available at our disposal. Its only English obsession to start Jack and Ox ahead of Santi and Sanchez.

Santi is one of our most consistent player. Time and time again he has proven his importance at Arsenal. Arsene wanted to prove right of his obsession. This is not league up to throw away. This was the most emotional match of the season. Arsene’s obsession is above everything. We have to accept it and live with it.

Arsenal Vs Tottenham

Santi Cazorla and Alexis Sanchez should have started our attack. This is north london derby for god’s sake. We should be spanking our mid table neighbours. Arsenal is a very strong offensive team. Their attack is always dangerous until the ball reaches the opposition goal keeper. Once the ball gets closer to the opposition keeper the attack becomes flat. We have seen this for several years. There is no clean striker of the ball. Passing the ball into the net always gets us close to goal of the season but nowhere near to any trophy.

There is nothing new in the way Arsenal plays these days. Its the same old beautiful football without any actual purpose. We are known for conceding stupid goals and giving away the leads. Flamini lost the ball in our own half and spurs scores. What a surprise defending? Our defense gives us the illusion they were strong, but they always find stupid ways to leak goals.

Killer Instinct

Dominant football without any end product. Conceding goals always wakes up Arsene and Arsenal team. There is something seriously wrong with this Arsenal team. May be this is the reason we have not won many trophies. Zero killer Instinct. Having football without any threat to opposition goal. Our way of football ignores the fact that there is a goal keeper guarding the post.

We pulled one back once we had Santi and Sanchez on the pitch. There is no point talking about injuries. Its same old Arsenal.

Its really surprising that two of our former goal keepers managed to keep clean sheets but the only one failed is our number one goal keeper. We can keep blaming players like Ozil, Podolski etc… but We will continue to remain the same until we change the manager.

4th Place Trophy

If Ozil played well with Welbeck through the middle then why would you change that? There is a limit to your obsession Arsene. We have already lost 8 points in the league. There is only one person to be blamed. I really hope Arsene wenger leaves Arsenal soon without tainting his legacy.


One Less competition to worry about. Drain First team players and demotivate young players.

Why would you play young players if you have the ambition to win the cup?

Why would you play your established players if you have no intention to win the match?

Capital one Cup

Capital One Cup or League cup is the least ranked cup in a season. Arsenal always uses this competition to field young players. Its understandable that young players needs some competition to showcase their talents. Though there are other youth competitions the league cup is generally viewed by the big teams as a training tournament for youngsters. Arsene even tried to field first team out of desperation to win a cup in recent years, but it back fired. We never won this cup even with first team players.

afobeRight place to showcase young talent

Having won the FA cup last year, the pressure to win a trophy was reduced. The expectation to win the league cup was not there at all. We need a bigger squad and quality young players to compete for all four titles. Though winning is a habit, its not sensible to use the first team resources for a lesser important cup.

Arsenal Squad

To win all four competitions the squad needs to be big enough, not just in terms of numbers but in quality. Arsenal squad is always thin in terms of quality. Arsenal starting 11 would win matches against the likes of Bayern Munich, Barcelone etc.. but the team with squad players will lose against the likes of Bradford, Blackburn, Birmingham etc… There is a minimal gap between Arsenal first team squad players and youth players. There is a huge gap between Arsenal Starting 11 and youth players. Arsenal has been trying to win all with a thin squad. SAF has won the league with a team of average players by concentrating only on the Premier league.

I still remember the comments from Ivan Gazidis during 2011-2012 season.

Gazidis – “We’re in three competitions this year. Manchester City would love to be in three competitions,”

We ended the season without any trophy and finished 19 points behind the eventual EPL champions Manchester city. We managed to finish above tottenham with a point difference. This win all attitude cost us lots of points in the EPL league. We often finished fourth in a two horse race.

Sanchez and Chambers

Though there were several first team players in today’s match against southampton, I was really surprised to see Sanchez and Chambers in the starting line up. Both these players cost around 51million pounds. They were not bought to play in a capital one cup match. They have an important role to play in our EPL title run.Chambers is key part of our first team defensive unit which is already bleeding in every position even at this stage of the season. Sanchez needs to play an important role for us to have any chance to win the EPL league.

North London Derby

This week Arsenal will be playing one of their prestigious match against the local rivals. Though Arsenal do not play a big team this weekend still its an important match for the fans. Three points against the team which generally finishes below Arsenal is very important. We could have saved few players for that match.

Capital One cup : Motivation or De-motivation

Winning habit will make the team stronger. Players recover fasts physically after winning a game. Today Arsene has de-motivated his young players and drained some of his first team resources. They could have been fresh for the North London Derby. Arsenal and Arsene needs to plan realistically. They need to focus on EPL and FA cup. There is no point trying to win all with a thin squad.

There is no point mixing first team and youth players. Either go with a full strength team or just stick to experimentation. There were several players who excelled at these league games have left Arsenal for lower leagues. I strongly believe League cup is not a place to show case the youth talent. The loan system already has a place for them to showcase their talents.

Well done Benik Afobe for continuing the fine goal scoring form. Where was Chuba Akpom by the way?

OX : Not a Winger. ” Even Beckham and Zidane Played on the Wings ” – not buying it.

England vs Norway – Just another meaningless friendly warmup match before the Euro 2016 qualifier. why play these matches at wembly when most of the seats were empty. Tottenham stadium would have been more suitable.

Where does England football team stands after their average Euro 2012 display and humiliating World cup 2014 display. Let me guess and think several time before answering. They remain at the same level under Roy Hodgson. The concept of rebuilding and change does not applies to England Football team. I think England team is missing a very big opportunity now.

All the players from golden generation were gone. There is no media pressure to pick certain players. The team is young and change of direction is the need of the hour. Roy Hodgson is still the manager. Someone at FA has to be ruthless and bring a new manager. Watching the game its evident that England team have some serious talents. Standout performances from Daniel Sturridge and Raheem Sterling. They literally ran the show.

” Euro qualifiers won’t excite England fans ” – Roy Hodgson

Not just England Fans, Nobody will be excited to watch your boring and unimaginative team.

Arsenal Boys

Two Arsenal players and one former Arsenal Player started the match. Jack wilshere and Havard nordtveit did ok in the match. Like I have mentioned before The OX shows some flashes of brilliance but never consistent. He left more gaps than the Audiences in the stadium.

He started as a Right Winger but always seen in the central midfield position. Whenever Stones had the ball there was no one ahead of him to pass. OX we all know that your preferred position is central midfield, but you may not get there by playing badly in the wings. Arsene please play him in his natural position or provide more positional training. His amazing burst of pace and brilliant runs were not seen consistently.

New Signing

Our New Signing replaced the ineffective arsenal pair. The very first piece of action from the Arsenal player was disappointing. During the next few touches he showed his quality and boldness in taking a shot at goal. Very good few minutes before the introduction of some Arsenal Action soon. Chambers too came late on.

The International friendlies were dominated by Liverpool pair and ManU new signing – Yawn

We can be happy that no Arsenal player was injured. 🙂

Arsenal English Core : Are they just poster Boys?

We added two very good English players to our already existing core of British players. Chambers has already proven to be a massive hit among the fans. Welbeck too a very good addition to Arsenal squad. He is already proving to be an Arsenal type player with his injury during the international break. Welcome to Arsenal Danny Welbeck.

Is there an incentive for adding English players to the Club? Are we buying British players to use them mainly as poster boys? Are they really good enough to make it at Arsenal?

Man City won 2013-2014 EPL with only one English player in their starting Eleven. The Successful Wenger Era was dominated by French Players. Barcelona and Bayern Munich Dominate Europe with their own country players. No English Player plays for Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. 2014 worldcup proved that there is a huge gap between British teams and rest of the world. The Golden Generation was humiliated. Why do Arsenal keep adding English core when Chelsea, MCFC and Manchester united are getting rid of them?

Arsenal v Queens Park Rangers - Premier LeagueFace

Arsenal being an English team it makes sense to have majority of English players, But I cannot tolerate the idea of using them as poster boys when much accomplished players in the squad gets less attention. Releasing the Arsenal Jersey with these poster boys cannot be justified.

Ramsey, Wilshere, Gibbs, Ox, Chambers, Walcott, Jenkinson are part of Arsenal team for a while. Chambers and Welbeck have been added to this core. Arsene, Arsenal and English media hype these players too much before they actually make it. Ramsey was the only standout star in that core group. Gibbs and Walcott proved to be consistent. I am yet to see a consistent world class performances from Ox and Jack. Apart from some flashes of brilliance I did not see anything extraordinary from them. Sterling and Sturridge has done more to their clubs than Jack and Ox. We need to be realistic. We are already in our way to hype Chambers as our ” New Tony Adams”.

Sturridge might be doing well at Liverpool but chelsea bought better player than him. Welbeck is replaced by one of the top strikers in Europe.

These players are consistently on the Media and Arsenal website. The Club should make Arteta, Sanchez, Ozil, Per, Koscielny, Santi etc as our poster boys. They should be the face of Arsenal Football club. World Class loyal footballers should be the face of our club.

Many fan polls have shown that Welbeck should be our main striker ahead of Giroud. Let Welbeck earn his main striker role. Lets not hand him the main striker role by fan polls.

I hope the English core repay the faith by becoming world class players and play for Arsenal for many long years.

Danny Welbeck replaces the greatest striker on planet

Wow finally the transfer window for this summer is closed. We can stop following all the rumours and start supporting our beloved Arsenal team. I am tired of all the transfer stories and finding player videos in youtube. No more youtube videos of Sami Khedira, Cavani, Falcao, Kostas Monalos, Sokratis papa——–, Nastastic, Micah Richards, Remy, Benders, Howedes, Reus, Morgan Schneiderlin, Vela, Drmic, Mario, Rabiot etc……….. etc….. That is a long list. Most of the linked targets have made a move in this transfer window. Our rivals has done a good job of buying some great players. As always Arsenal feeds us with transfers of surprise and shock.

Its always a mixed feeling supporting Arsenal. We defeat Barca, Bayern Munich, AC Milan etc… that makes us go mad and also get defeated by Birmingham, Aston villa or any other relegation fighting team to test our patience. Transfer window does provide similar moments to us. It always starts with a surprise and ends with frustration. Some of the things in the transfer window always leave us scratching our head.

Barca DNA moving to chelski was the most surprised moved according to me. Barca gave its academy graduate a fitting farewell.

Like I have mentioned in my previous posts. Arsene has a definite plan and acts early. Once the initial activity is done the whole club just trolls media & fans. Gervinho, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Sanchez, Chambers, Sanogo etc.. were all part of the team building process. The final hours are just looking for bargain deals without any plan. Please don’t tell me Mesut Ozil was part of our plan. In Last summer transfer window we failed with every striker target and also failed to land Yohan cabaye. Ozil was the response to fans after the Aston villa game.

In this transfer window the club has done really well to purchase some established players. Sanchez, Ospina, Chambers, Debuchy and Welbeck are all very good addition to our squad. Remember Joel Cambell and Podolski are still part of our squad. You might disagree with me. This transfer window was really a change of direction. Generally Arsene replaces outgoing players with some youth players. This window was not that case. We really bought solid players. We also shipped lot of deadwood.

BendtnerWe will miss you? LOL

Ivan – ” We worked very hard on transfers” – TADA I give you “Danny Welbeck”. Thank you very much Ivan Gazidis for your hardwork all summer. Its really hard to replace one of the most confident striker in English premier league. Finally our Arsenal Scout team, Ivan and Managers have found the right man to replace the Greatest striker on the planet. You have big shoes to fill young man. Many arsenal fans would be gutted to lose one of the hardest working professional even known.

Arsenal has done very well in this transfer window.

Have we done better than our rivals? – Nope

Is our team good enough to win the EPL? I hope so.