Arsene Wenger is actually a Middle Class Indian!! Part II

This Article is for Fun only. Do not read it seriously.

FFP and Corruption
Indians do not bother about the corruption at the smallest level. Driving offences, paying for the Government Doctor, Passport verification, traffic violation, government offices, donations to schools, Real estate black money, buying without bills etc… The list is endless. Generally, no one challenges it. All they care about is getting away from huge actual fines or to get their job done quietly. They are ready to pay bribes in smaller amount instead of paying huge actual fines or following the rules. When someone does the same corruption at the bigger level people get agitated and talks about it everywhere. They slam, curse, criticize, blame and abuse, etc. Indians predominantly use the Social media for such abuse only.
The Financial constraint placed upon Arsene Wenger has made him the chief promoter of Financial Fair Play (FFP). Arsene was very vocal in his support for FFP, but that did not stop Arsene from selling his players for inflated prices to his rich rivals. Arsenal being a selling club during this period made lots of money selling some of the players for a ridiculous amount of money. Only when it came to buying new players, Arsene started to moan about the inflated market and irresponsible spending of other clubs. Although Arsene did not buy any established starts until recently, he still continued to spend money on potential youngsters. Some of the young and mediocre players were on the ridiculous amount of salary. Arsene bought several teenagers around the world at inflated prices and paid them huge sum. The flat salary scale benefitted largely the average players and kids. High profile stars left Arsenal but Arsene was complaining about FFP every time some big clubs stole a player. Do not forget, Arsenal always had a big squad with huge wage bills.
Arsene Wenger is a perfect middle class Indian. He does everything as per the rule, nothing illegal.

Very good Savings, poor investing and very bad marketing
Indians are very good at saving money. Indians tend to manage their expenses within their income levels. The overdraft option in the bank accounts is rarely used by Indians. Recently the usage of credit cards has changed our attitudes towards saving, but traditional Indian families are experts in saving money. Indians make mistakes when it comes to investing and marketing. Real estate, Penny Stocks, ULIP’s etc. are real examples of the poor choice of investments. Most branded shirts were made in South India, but successfully marketed by somebody else. Indian manufacturing sectors are a real feeder for big marketing companies.

Arsene Wenger is brilliant in terms of saving money. He is very conservative in his approach and avoids high level risks. He always managed to spend within the allocated budget. Just like the Indians, Arsene did make many poor investments. Too many penny stock players like Bendtner, Diaby, Chamakh, Denilson, Park, Djourou, Gervinho, Ryo, Wellington, Silvestre, Squillachi, Santos etc.. Although these players cost less, the cumulative salary of these players is massive and it’s a purely waste of Arsenal’s time and money. Players like Modric, Andy Carroll, Bale, Suarez, Torres, Downing, Lescott etc. were purchased by bigger clubs at inflated prices. Arsene did sell many players for profit but none of them were sold at an inflated price. Ronaldo too wanted to quit Man U but Fergie made Real Madrid pay for him. Cesc Fabregas, RVP, Nasri etc. Were sold at reasonable or fair prices, but none of them were sold for crazy money.

Praying mantis style

I am a Big Guy

I am a Big Guy

There is a huge gap between the rich and poor in India. Labours are generally not treated well. Office Assistants, Tea lady, Cleaners and many other manual labourers are not treated equally. People are respected based on their pay grade. Indians tend to bully the smaller guys. Their attitude completely changes when they enter the Boss cabin or when any higher authority is around.

Arsene does the same to smaller selling clubs. Many teenagers are signed for from smaller clubs. Arsene never showed any spine or fight when a big club come in with big money offers for any important player. Selling RVP to MAN U was a real shock to all fans. To add insult to the injury RVP won the farewell title for Fergie. Bulling small guys and rolling the tail to a bigger guy. Much explanation not needed, Arsenal humiliates smaller teams with some great artistic football, but gets bullied by every major club.

Few other Similarities

  • Succeeds away from home and fails at home. Arsene Wenger is successful in England and Japan than Monaco.
  • Surviving Indian – Less Chance of getting fired even while under performing
  • New Rich Indian – Buying iPhone and covering it with a 100Rs. Case. Playing RVP and Cesc along with Alumnia, Chamakh, Denilson etc.
  • Indian Government Employee – Believing your own hype and experience. Arsene Wenger said “Very few can teach me about football management”. Almost every government employee close to their retirement will use the same exact words.
  • Loyal Indian – Loyalty to the Employer.
  • Lack of Killer Instinct – Indians are too soft on their rivals. They always tend to be fair and try to play by textbook rules.

Is Arsenal Squad really thin or its just an Unbalanced Team? Arteta is no Bastian Schweinsteiger :(

Often Arsene is being criticized for having a very thin squad. Our complete team gets exposed when one key player gets injured for some time. Last year our title charge was halted once Walcott and Ramsey were injured. Does Arsenal really have a thin squad?

Its a generally accepted view that every position should have at least two players for the whole season. 22 quality players are required. Few additional versatile and young players are also required to manage at difficult times and to adjust for various tactics. English Premier league has a squad restriction that does not allow any team to have unlimited number of players. Almost every team in EPL has similar number of players. Only quality determines the champions.

A balaced team always deserves to be champions. A balanced team always wins titles. Balance is required in Quality, Quantity and Play.

Thin Squad or Mediocre Players

First Team

Arsenal is an offensive team. There is no surprise that there are so many midfielder and forwards. Looking at the numbers, we can clearly say our squad is not thin. We had adequate number of players to challenge for all the titles. We always have adequate number of players in recent years. We have not won enough. There can be only one reason to that. We are simply not good enough.

Our squad is totally unbalanced. We have 20 players to cover 6 positions in the offensive section. We have merely 6 players to cover 4 positions. There is no way this can be justified as a balanced team. Our team is totally unbalanced.

Tracking Back

We can argue that Arsenal tend to defend as a team. That is actually not working. The need for Sanchez and Ozil tracking back is not good for the team when they are in the attack mode. Their defensive duties should help the team when we defend a slender lead in final few minutes. There is no point for Ozil to track back during the first few minutes of the game. Defenders should be strong enough to deal with those attacks. This is another reason for our ineffective counter attack. Sanchez tracking back nullifies an attacking threat, this unbalances our team. We have been playing this unbalanced team for several seasons.

Physical Unbalance

Arsenal team is Physically unbalanced compared to most teams in Europe. Arsenal Invincibles were no midgets, they were giants and cannot be bullied by any opponents. A team cannot be made of tall giants. Most technically gifted players were not big. Having a team full of midgets is not going to help us either. Physically and technically strong team is needed. Easily Man city defenders bullied our attackers. We should at least have few more stronger & taller players in our defense to help us during set pieces and counter attacks.

Out of Position

Having versatile players in the squad is really good, but its important to have specialist players. Special players will always excel in their position. Playing Ozil in wings and expecting him to track back is simply a total waste of talent. Why not have a proper winger like Podolski or buy real winger? The Ox played too was often played as a winger, but he just vanishes  from the line and moves to the middle. This allows space for the opponents to attack through wings. Though players are aware of their playing positions sometimes they fail in their unnatural positions.

Balancing the Team

Is every team in the world balanced? Does everyone plays best players in their positions? The answer is no. Even if the team is balanced in every aspect you still need someone to keep the team balanced throughout the 90 periods. The game is not one dimensional. It changes every second. The tactics has to be changed based on the opponents and players strengths. Only one man in football has that responsibility. Only a Manager can keep the team balanced. This is the reason the manager is very important in football than any other game. Many coaches like Pep stands on the touch line and always shouts at players to keep the shape of the team. They keep on instructing players to keep their shape in attack and defense. Leaders on pitch too organizes the team.


Germany was a totally unbalanced team. France had better strikers, wingers and defenders. They had betters players in each position. Germany took a lead and stole the game away from them slowly. Germany game changed during the course of the tournament. Ozil was played out of position. Howedes was played as Full back. They played with static full back since Lahm was playing in the middle. Lahm changed position for the final. As a team they were organised. They covered for each others weakness. Bastian Schweinsteiger was a real steel and leader on the pitch. He played a key role in keeping team organised. Unbalanced teams can win title if they keep evolving.

Managers and Leaders on pitch wins titles. Arsene is not going to shout from the touch line, Someone else has to do it for Arsenal on the pitch.

Few more stupid ideas for FA chariman Greg Dyke

Just Read the comments from Football Association Chairman Greg Dyke. The following is the extract.

On Tuesday, the FA sent out its first draft of proposals to reduce the number of non-EU players within English football by up to 50%.

“The present system is chaotic,” Dyke told BBC Sport.

“There are mediocre players that come and take squad places – those could be filled by young English players.”

The idea proposed is to replace the Foreign mediocre players with Overrated English players. Not a bright idea. English premier league is not the only way to improve the local English Talent. It should start at youth levels. Here are few more ideas to reduce the foreign imports.

LOL ways to increase English talent and reduce imports


Why does everyone wants to play in the English Premier League? EPL is one of the most popular league in the world. It is the dream of most football players to play in the EPL. The first step is to divert this dream. Reduce the popularity of the EPL, this would automatically force non-EU players to dream about other leagues.


EPL is being broadcasted throughout the world. Even the remote parts of India and Africa are able to watch the live broadcast of English Premier League. Also there is a huge fan following for the major EPL clubs in Asia, Africa and other countries. If FA ban the broadcast of these matches to Non-EU countries then any professional or small boys would not want to play for the Premier League. 50% ban on live telecast of matches would automatically reduce the number of foreign imports.

English Players in Club Team

Force Every manager in the EPL to play the boring Roy Hodgson way. This would enable the English players to play their usual game for both England and the Club. Make it compulsory for EPL teams to play the English International players in every game.

Ban the Scouting Network

Ban all the clubs from scouting players around the world. Since only Elite players are welcomed in England, there is no point of scouting. Elite players can be easily selected from World cup and Euro Qualifiers.

Salaries and Transfer Fee

Why are the clubs looking for Foreign talents? Andy Carroll costs around 35 million pounds where as Fabregas costs only 28 Million. Public announcement should be made that no English player is worth more than 10 Million Pounds. This would stop clubs from buying players cheap.

Salary Cap and Regional Players

Players are attracted towards money and keep changing clubs. Career of many players like Jack Rodwell goes downhill once they move to big clubs. There should be a rule for players to play for their local team only. London Players should play for London Clubs only. Manchester Players should play for Manchester Clubs only. This would stop players like Danny Welbeck being replaced by foreigner Falcao.

Foreign Owners

Most of the EPL clubs are owned by foreign investors and sponsored by foreign brands. FA should reject all the money from these owners and sponsors. Around 50% reduction of Foreign money should be an ideal start to encourage local investors and players. Local investors will care about their club and players.

Strip the EPL title from Manchester City

Current EPL champions Manchester city had only Joe Hart in their starting line up. Liverpool had more English Players than Manchester city. Strip the title from Manchester city and make Liverpool the champions of English Premier League.

Reject World Cup and Euro

If none of the ideas work there are more than one way to win the world cup. Reject the Existing world cup by FIFA. Start a New world cup. Replace the Euro with UK and World cup with Common Wealth. This would increase the chance of England winning a CUP.


Euroqualifier2016 – Arsenal and Injuries. Ozil Fifa Ranking

Every football player would be dreaming to represent their country at international level. Arsenal has always released players even for meaningless friendlies. We have seen managers listening to Arsene and not overplay some players. We have also seen some managers picking senior players for youth tournaments. As a Arsenal fan we always fear our worst enemy.


Injuries are always a great concern for Arsenal. Every Season we get struck at some stage by some key injuries to our reliable player. Many of our players spend more time on the treatment table than on the pitch. I am not only talking about Diaby. Even when RVP was on fire we did not get a complete successful season out of him. Ramsey was on fire last year but we could not use him throughout the season. His injury definitely halted our march towards the EPL title. Our squad is too thin to manage these injuries.

StairsOur worst enemy – Injuries

Euro Qualifier

As an Arsenal we always hope International breaks are kind to us, but in reality every time it creates problem. Aaron Ramsey was injured yesterday. Though it was not considered as a serious Injury, still its a cause for concern. He is a very important player and we definitely need him for the next run of tough games.

RVP’s Holland lost to Rosicky’s Czech. Happy for Rosicky, but as a selfish Arsenal fan i would prefer him to retire from Internationals to prolong his Arsenal career.

Mario Gomez is quite jealous about fan favourite Lukas Podolski.

Welbeck signing is hyped too much after his two goals.

Apart from Aaron injury, all our international players are safely returning home. Walcott is also close to returning. Hope everyone is ready to kick off our season with a cracker against Man City.

Ozil Fifa Ranking

Some cannot digest the fact that Ozil has been ranked highly than some overrated players in FIFA2015. Ozil’s first season is considered as flop by the English pundits and media. The way British see the game is quite different from others. This was outlined by the Germany coach when he picked Ozil for every single game in the world cup. The rating of players in England is quite different.

If someone keeps the ball and make simple passes they are considered as flop. On the other hand if someone loses the ball and dives aggressively to win the ball back then He is considered as EPL ready. Every pundit will praise their aggressive attitude, Athleticism  and passion.

Football is not always about Bang Bang Bang…… Sometimes its an Art. Ozil is an artist. Every Arsenal fan is happy he is part our FA cup winning squad.

If you listen to English media then Generation of Flop’s will be considered as Golden Generation. A world cup winner who played every game in the world cup is considered flop.


England vs Switzerland, Jack Wilshere position & Cesc’s Barca DNA

England Vs Switzerland

Two Arsenal Players started for England and one former arsenal player started for Switzerland. The game was similar to every other England game in recent years. Boring as hell. Every player wants to take on all the defenders and score. Roy Hodgson has not made any actual impact on the style of play. England team depends on the individual brilliance of players than the team game. Watching the match it was evident that England cannot pass the ball like the Germans or Spanish.

First 10 Minutes:

3 – Misplaced Long Balls from Gary Cahill

2 – Horrible tackles by Fabian Delph

1 – Counter Attacking chance for England.

Why would you watch the England game knowing its not going to be exciting? – Just to watch our new boy play in his preferred position. The welbeck moment expected came much sooner, but it turns out to be a Gervinho Moment. The final ball from welbeck was poor. England had few other chances thanks to some Arsenal style set pieces defending by Djourou.

Every time I watch Raheem sterling he just impresses me. He is much stronger than he looks. The first goal was created by him from wings. Not sure why Roy played his attacking threat in the middle. He was mostly ineffective in the middle.

The Swiss also had many chances to bury the game. Gary Cahill and Joe Hart kept the English hopes alive. The second goal was also created by Sterling. Welbeck took his chance and ended the hopes of swiss. Arsenal PR department were very fast to congratulate welbeck even before he finished celebrating the goal.

Welbeck EnglandArsenal Marketing department working 24/7.

Two Arsenal player started and only one shined. Jack Wilshere was anonymous and lost the ball in their own half multiple times. Jack wilshere is not a DM. He definitely needs someone strong behind him for cover. He might become a Deep lying play maker in the future but currently he is not. He should be the deputy to Aaron Ramsey.

Cesc’s Barca DNA

Why is every player that left Arsenal keep talking about Arsenal? we already hate so many players who left arsenal. They cannot keep their mouth shut. Cesc too cannot keep his mouth shut. Now he is talking about being a Gunner. Cesc Fabregas used to be the poster boy and face of Arsenal Football club. He left Arsenal in a worst possible way. Ivan Gazidis even came out and said ” Losing Cesc was actually a forward step “. I did not believe Gazidis at that time. I really understood his words only when we boldly rejected him. Every team would love to have a player like Cesc. Wenger who was like a father figure to Cesc actually rejected the idea of re-signing him. That tells the whole story.

Shut up Cesc. Enough talk about Gunners. You are irritating Gooners and also your new team fans.

Try talking about your Barca DNA and how they treated you.



OX : Not a Winger. ” Even Beckham and Zidane Played on the Wings ” – not buying it.

England vs Norway – Just another meaningless friendly warmup match before the Euro 2016 qualifier. why play these matches at wembly when most of the seats were empty. Tottenham stadium would have been more suitable.

Where does England football team stands after their average Euro 2012 display and humiliating World cup 2014 display. Let me guess and think several time before answering. They remain at the same level under Roy Hodgson. The concept of rebuilding and change does not applies to England Football team. I think England team is missing a very big opportunity now.

All the players from golden generation were gone. There is no media pressure to pick certain players. The team is young and change of direction is the need of the hour. Roy Hodgson is still the manager. Someone at FA has to be ruthless and bring a new manager. Watching the game its evident that England team have some serious talents. Standout performances from Daniel Sturridge and Raheem Sterling. They literally ran the show.

” Euro qualifiers won’t excite England fans ” – Roy Hodgson

Not just England Fans, Nobody will be excited to watch your boring and unimaginative team.

Arsenal Boys

Two Arsenal players and one former Arsenal Player started the match. Jack wilshere and Havard nordtveit did ok in the match. Like I have mentioned before The OX shows some flashes of brilliance but never consistent. He left more gaps than the Audiences in the stadium.

He started as a Right Winger but always seen in the central midfield position. Whenever Stones had the ball there was no one ahead of him to pass. OX we all know that your preferred position is central midfield, but you may not get there by playing badly in the wings. Arsene please play him in his natural position or provide more positional training. His amazing burst of pace and brilliant runs were not seen consistently.

New Signing

Our New Signing replaced the ineffective arsenal pair. The very first piece of action from the Arsenal player was disappointing. During the next few touches he showed his quality and boldness in taking a shot at goal. Very good few minutes before the introduction of some Arsenal Action soon. Chambers too came late on.

The International friendlies were dominated by Liverpool pair and ManU new signing – Yawn

We can be happy that no Arsenal player was injured. 🙂

Arsenal English Core : Are they just poster Boys?

We added two very good English players to our already existing core of British players. Chambers has already proven to be a massive hit among the fans. Welbeck too a very good addition to Arsenal squad. He is already proving to be an Arsenal type player with his injury during the international break. Welcome to Arsenal Danny Welbeck.

Is there an incentive for adding English players to the Club? Are we buying British players to use them mainly as poster boys? Are they really good enough to make it at Arsenal?

Man City won 2013-2014 EPL with only one English player in their starting Eleven. The Successful Wenger Era was dominated by French Players. Barcelona and Bayern Munich Dominate Europe with their own country players. No English Player plays for Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. 2014 worldcup proved that there is a huge gap between British teams and rest of the world. The Golden Generation was humiliated. Why do Arsenal keep adding English core when Chelsea, MCFC and Manchester united are getting rid of them?

Arsenal v Queens Park Rangers - Premier LeagueFace

Arsenal being an English team it makes sense to have majority of English players, But I cannot tolerate the idea of using them as poster boys when much accomplished players in the squad gets less attention. Releasing the Arsenal Jersey with these poster boys cannot be justified.

Ramsey, Wilshere, Gibbs, Ox, Chambers, Walcott, Jenkinson are part of Arsenal team for a while. Chambers and Welbeck have been added to this core. Arsene, Arsenal and English media hype these players too much before they actually make it. Ramsey was the only standout star in that core group. Gibbs and Walcott proved to be consistent. I am yet to see a consistent world class performances from Ox and Jack. Apart from some flashes of brilliance I did not see anything extraordinary from them. Sterling and Sturridge has done more to their clubs than Jack and Ox. We need to be realistic. We are already in our way to hype Chambers as our ” New Tony Adams”.

Sturridge might be doing well at Liverpool but chelsea bought better player than him. Welbeck is replaced by one of the top strikers in Europe.

These players are consistently on the Media and Arsenal website. The Club should make Arteta, Sanchez, Ozil, Per, Koscielny, Santi etc as our poster boys. They should be the face of Arsenal Football club. World Class loyal footballers should be the face of our club.

Many fan polls have shown that Welbeck should be our main striker ahead of Giroud. Let Welbeck earn his main striker role. Lets not hand him the main striker role by fan polls.

I hope the English core repay the faith by becoming world class players and play for Arsenal for many long years.