Arsene Wenger is actually a Middle Class Indian!! Part II

This Article is for Fun only. Do not read it seriously.

FFP and Corruption
Indians do not bother about the corruption at the smallest level. Driving offences, paying for the Government Doctor, Passport verification, traffic violation, government offices, donations to schools, Real estate black money, buying without bills etc… The list is endless. Generally, no one challenges it. All they care about is getting away from huge actual fines or to get their job done quietly. They are ready to pay bribes in smaller amount instead of paying huge actual fines or following the rules. When someone does the same corruption at the bigger level people get agitated and talks about it everywhere. They slam, curse, criticize, blame and abuse, etc. Indians predominantly use the Social media for such abuse only.
The Financial constraint placed upon Arsene Wenger has made him the chief promoter of Financial Fair Play (FFP). Arsene was very vocal in his support for FFP, but that did not stop Arsene from selling his players for inflated prices to his rich rivals. Arsenal being a selling club during this period made lots of money selling some of the players for a ridiculous amount of money. Only when it came to buying new players, Arsene started to moan about the inflated market and irresponsible spending of other clubs. Although Arsene did not buy any established starts until recently, he still continued to spend money on potential youngsters. Some of the young and mediocre players were on the ridiculous amount of salary. Arsene bought several teenagers around the world at inflated prices and paid them huge sum. The flat salary scale benefitted largely the average players and kids. High profile stars left Arsenal but Arsene was complaining about FFP every time some big clubs stole a player. Do not forget, Arsenal always had a big squad with huge wage bills.
Arsene Wenger is a perfect middle class Indian. He does everything as per the rule, nothing illegal.

Very good Savings, poor investing and very bad marketing
Indians are very good at saving money. Indians tend to manage their expenses within their income levels. The overdraft option in the bank accounts is rarely used by Indians. Recently the usage of credit cards has changed our attitudes towards saving, but traditional Indian families are experts in saving money. Indians make mistakes when it comes to investing and marketing. Real estate, Penny Stocks, ULIP’s etc. are real examples of the poor choice of investments. Most branded shirts were made in South India, but successfully marketed by somebody else. Indian manufacturing sectors are a real feeder for big marketing companies.

Arsene Wenger is brilliant in terms of saving money. He is very conservative in his approach and avoids high level risks. He always managed to spend within the allocated budget. Just like the Indians, Arsene did make many poor investments. Too many penny stock players like Bendtner, Diaby, Chamakh, Denilson, Park, Djourou, Gervinho, Ryo, Wellington, Silvestre, Squillachi, Santos etc.. Although these players cost less, the cumulative salary of these players is massive and it’s a purely waste of Arsenal’s time and money. Players like Modric, Andy Carroll, Bale, Suarez, Torres, Downing, Lescott etc. were purchased by bigger clubs at inflated prices. Arsene did sell many players for profit but none of them were sold at an inflated price. Ronaldo too wanted to quit Man U but Fergie made Real Madrid pay for him. Cesc Fabregas, RVP, Nasri etc. Were sold at reasonable or fair prices, but none of them were sold for crazy money.

Praying mantis style

I am a Big Guy

I am a Big Guy

There is a huge gap between the rich and poor in India. Labours are generally not treated well. Office Assistants, Tea lady, Cleaners and many other manual labourers are not treated equally. People are respected based on their pay grade. Indians tend to bully the smaller guys. Their attitude completely changes when they enter the Boss cabin or when any higher authority is around.

Arsene does the same to smaller selling clubs. Many teenagers are signed for from smaller clubs. Arsene never showed any spine or fight when a big club come in with big money offers for any important player. Selling RVP to MAN U was a real shock to all fans. To add insult to the injury RVP won the farewell title for Fergie. Bulling small guys and rolling the tail to a bigger guy. Much explanation not needed, Arsenal humiliates smaller teams with some great artistic football, but gets bullied by every major club.

Few other Similarities

  • Succeeds away from home and fails at home. Arsene Wenger is successful in England and Japan than Monaco.
  • Surviving Indian – Less Chance of getting fired even while under performing
  • New Rich Indian – Buying iPhone and covering it with a 100Rs. Case. Playing RVP and Cesc along with Alumnia, Chamakh, Denilson etc.
  • Indian Government Employee – Believing your own hype and experience. Arsene Wenger said “Very few can teach me about football management”. Almost every government employee close to their retirement will use the same exact words.
  • Loyal Indian – Loyalty to the Employer.
  • Lack of Killer Instinct – Indians are too soft on their rivals. They always tend to be fair and try to play by textbook rules.

Hoodie outplays the Suit: Everything Expected from Arsenal Team delivered by Borussia Dortmund

Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund

Arsenal is not new to champions league or playing against Borussia Dortmund. Arsenal and BvB have been facing each other frequently in recent years. There are certain similarities between both the teams. They are known for developing players and losing established players to their rivals. Wine loving Arsene and beer loving Klopp always has nice things to say about each other. Arsene is a much accomplished senior worldclass manager. Klopp looks like he would surpass wenger’s achievements by the time he reaches Arsene’s age.

Arsenal was not the only team suffering from missing players due to injuries. Borussia had their own fair share of injuries. Marco Reus, Mats Hummels, Gundogan, Nuri Sahin etc.. were not part of the team that faced Arsenal.

Arsenal Vs Borussia Dortmund

Arsenal started the match in typical Arsenal way. There was no urgency in their start. Borussia gave the taste of its own medicine to Arsenal. Arsene’s Team was always known for its Possession football, but yesterday it was not their day. BvB players ran circles around Arsenal team. Arsenal could not string three passes together. BvB pressed, dispossessed, passed and done everything that Arsenal fans expect from their beloved Arsenal team. Looking only at the colours of the shirts any fan would be thinking the yellow team was the real Arsenal team. The real Arsenal team in blue looked totally fake and clueless. Even multiple long balls fell directly to BvB players.

Koscielny volleyball

Koscielny had enough. He found the only way to touch the ball

It was really painful to watch Arsenal players being outplayed in every aspect of the game. Koscielny and Szczesny kept our hopes alive. BvB were really threatening to score multiple goals. They had several chances but none found the back of the net. The first Arsenal chance game from a cross from our LB Gibbs to our lone striker welbeck. We could have taken the lead in spite of playing some horrible football. but it did not happen. The game was approaching the half time and scores were at level. The possession stats were unbelievable. Few minutes before the half time Immobile ran through the middle and put the ball into the net from a tight angle. Deserving BvB took the lead for their wonderful football. Only one team had the fire in their belly to win the game. They did everything right to take the lead. Apart from the obvious dive from their number 10, I did not find anything wrong with their game.


There is one thing that any manger does when the opponent outplays and controls the game completely. Substitution and change of tactics is the obvious and known solution, but Arsene does not believe in any of those proven tactics. He does the same thing again and again, So we continued to play the same team. The Hungry opponents punished arsenal within few minutes of second half. Our defense was totally exposed. It was a lovely finish from stumbling Aubameyang. Arsenal could have conceded much more, wooden post saved us from further embarrassment.


 Another Positive: Professional looking than the Hoodie.

Is there any positive to take from this game? Bellerin started well and was not humiliated much like the rest of his team mates. Arsenal did not concede goals from Set pieces is the only real positive we can take from this game. There is no shame in losing to a team like Borussia under their inspirational manager Jurgen Klopp. The way we played is really shameful.

Arsene will never change his methods, but there is no denying that his time is running out at Arsenal. Its time for Arsenal to look at managers like Jurgen Klopp who managed to put out a team of talented players in spite of losing several players to injuries & to rivals. Klopp is everything that Wenger is not anymore – tactically aware and motivational. I really want Arsene to retire with a major trophy, but I don’t want to wait for another three seasons for that to happen.

Nobody can do what Arsene has done for Arsenal over the years, but currently many can do better than what he is doing at Arsenal.

Left Wing : The Most unpredictable Position in Arsenal Line up.

As we are preparing for the one of the biggest game of this season. We face the richest and current champions of English Premier League. Also they were one of the first club to contribute towards FFP fine. They have a big squad of world class talents. They even managed to keep their key player Yaya toure by promising additional cake for his next birthday.

There is no denying that Man city are a better team. They have won two EPL titles in past three years. Arsenal as always unpredictable when it comes to big matches. In recent few years our record against top teams is much worse than Sunderland. We could not even beat David Moyes Manchester united team. On our day we are unstoppable. We have killed some major teams in the Champions League. Our stating 11 is good enough to beat any team in the world. We should be very pleased that we are facing the Sheiks team much earlier. Most of our players are fit and raring to go. Lets hope we remain unbeaten. Generally A draw will be considered as a good result. Its a bad result if we are really ambitious to win the league.

Man city will set up their team with Multiple DM’s and Strikers. Their quality in the Defensive Midfield and Striker might hurt us. If we started strongly then slowly we can get into the game and win it. Any error at the opening minutes will not be a good day for Arsenal team and Fans.

2014 first team LWPotential Left Wingers

Not just three points are on the line. The confidence of the New signings are on the line. Coming out with all three points will lift the squad massively. The last thing we need is for Arsene set up the squad negatively. We cannot setup the squad negatively and play for a draw. The quality of Man city will definitely hurt us badly if we play for a draw. We need to go for the kill. The last thing I want to see in the squad is both Flamini and Arteta starting the match. That would be sending a wrong message to fans and opponents. We cannot be scared of them if we really compete for the title.

Anyone Can play in our Left Wing

Left wing is the most unpredictable position in our team. Its the most flexible position as per Arsene. He will play anyone in this position. All other positions are almost fixed in our starting Line up. He even played Gibbs in the LW. Historically we play a playmaker in the Left Wing. Nasri, Arshavin, Santi, Ozil, Rosicky, Jack etc… Played in that position in recent years. Only Gervinho and Podolski were close to proper wingers to have played in that position. Who will play in that position this weekend?

Here is my Prediction.


Looking at the training pictures Joel Campbell is heavy featured. I guess he might start for Arsenal at the LW position. Lukas Podolski and Joel should be fighting for that position. For some reason Arsene does not trust Podolski much. This season will determine the careers of both players. The world cup winner has to have a big impact this season to be considered as a successful at Arsenal. Campbell has to cement his place soon to have any chance of having a career at Arsenal.

We are always in for a surprise in this position. Ozil or Santi may play there. Who knows?

We already defeated Man City this season for a title. We need to beat them again for another title.

Good Luck Sanchez and Welbeck to kick start your Arsenal Career.

who signed Danny Welbeck? The GOD FATHER- Arsene can sign players from beach with just a speedo on.

Wenger “If I stayed at my home, Welbeck would not be here…that is the truth”.

Arsene loves his poker games in press conferences. He trolls the media and leaves them scratching their heads. He convinces them that there is an interesting story behind his cryptic comments. Poor Journalist always fall for his comments and starts running exclusive stories.

Blogs were running some theory that Welbeck was not signed by Arsene. There are some that went to an extent that Ivan Gazidis made the decision himself and signed him. How bizarre? Its a known truth that Arsene was in Rome refereeing when Danny welbeck was signed. He was in Brazil when all other signings were made.

Arsene and Press Conference.

He always tells only the truth but not the complete truth. He gives hints here and there and allows plenty of room for interpretation. Generally we fail to correctly Interpret his words.

When Arsene Says we signed welbeck only because he was out on town does not mean Danny welbeck was signed without his knowledge. All our transfer deals were done when Arsene was away. The initial signings were done when Arsene was enjoying his Beach Volleyball in Brazil. Does that mean Ivan and team signed everyone in a hurry without the knowledge of Arsene. Its really stupid to make such an assumption.

2b10d7d82dd20d71a8e366fdb047dce1Arsene has not lost control of the club. He has his back room staffs to handle the transfer dealings when he enjoys beach volley ball. I am 100% confident that all the transfer dealings were done as per the direction of Arsene wenger.

Ozil did not meet Arsene before he was signed on the deadline day. German Speaking Arsene convinced the best Number 10 in the world to sign for Arsenal over a Phone call.

Every time its been proved that there is only one Boss at Arsenal. Only one is almost controlling everything that is happening at Arsenal Football club. Arsene was against the idea of Sports Director helping the manager. Arsene always openly claimed that the manager should be in-charge of transfer deals.

Though Arsene wenger was not on town it would be stupid to claim that the signings were made without his concern or involvement. In this Era of Modern technology Arsene can make a decision from anywhere in this world.

My Theory

What is Arsene trying to say? He is definitely not saying that Welbeck was not signed by him. Lets look at his statement again.

Wenger “If I stayed at my home, Welbeck would not be here…that is the truth”.

Here is my Theory. What is home? Is England his actual home? Is he saying Arsenal his home? Is he talking about professional home or Personal home?

When Arsene was at Brazil he was not on holiday or at home. He was actually working. He was working as a commentator. He indeed work on the transfer dealings. Arsene does not work from Home. He works for Arsenal Football club. He is working when he is on tour i.e He works on and off the pitch. May be Arsene was referring to his actual home.

If Arsene was taking a holiday from work and rests at home, we might have signed Danny welbeck. Thank you Arsene for working from Rome and bringing welbeck home (His professional Home)

Euroqualifier2016 – Arsenal and Injuries. Ozil Fifa Ranking

Every football player would be dreaming to represent their country at international level. Arsenal has always released players even for meaningless friendlies. We have seen managers listening to Arsene and not overplay some players. We have also seen some managers picking senior players for youth tournaments. As a Arsenal fan we always fear our worst enemy.


Injuries are always a great concern for Arsenal. Every Season we get struck at some stage by some key injuries to our reliable player. Many of our players spend more time on the treatment table than on the pitch. I am not only talking about Diaby. Even when RVP was on fire we did not get a complete successful season out of him. Ramsey was on fire last year but we could not use him throughout the season. His injury definitely halted our march towards the EPL title. Our squad is too thin to manage these injuries.

StairsOur worst enemy – Injuries

Euro Qualifier

As an Arsenal we always hope International breaks are kind to us, but in reality every time it creates problem. Aaron Ramsey was injured yesterday. Though it was not considered as a serious Injury, still its a cause for concern. He is a very important player and we definitely need him for the next run of tough games.

RVP’s Holland lost to Rosicky’s Czech. Happy for Rosicky, but as a selfish Arsenal fan i would prefer him to retire from Internationals to prolong his Arsenal career.

Mario Gomez is quite jealous about fan favourite Lukas Podolski.

Welbeck signing is hyped too much after his two goals.

Apart from Aaron injury, all our international players are safely returning home. Walcott is also close to returning. Hope everyone is ready to kick off our season with a cracker against Man City.

Ozil Fifa Ranking

Some cannot digest the fact that Ozil has been ranked highly than some overrated players in FIFA2015. Ozil’s first season is considered as flop by the English pundits and media. The way British see the game is quite different from others. This was outlined by the Germany coach when he picked Ozil for every single game in the world cup. The rating of players in England is quite different.

If someone keeps the ball and make simple passes they are considered as flop. On the other hand if someone loses the ball and dives aggressively to win the ball back then He is considered as EPL ready. Every pundit will praise their aggressive attitude, Athleticism  and passion.

Football is not always about Bang Bang Bang…… Sometimes its an Art. Ozil is an artist. Every Arsenal fan is happy he is part our FA cup winning squad.

If you listen to English media then Generation of Flop’s will be considered as Golden Generation. A world cup winner who played every game in the world cup is considered flop.


England vs Switzerland, Jack Wilshere position & Cesc’s Barca DNA

England Vs Switzerland

Two Arsenal Players started for England and one former arsenal player started for Switzerland. The game was similar to every other England game in recent years. Boring as hell. Every player wants to take on all the defenders and score. Roy Hodgson has not made any actual impact on the style of play. England team depends on the individual brilliance of players than the team game. Watching the match it was evident that England cannot pass the ball like the Germans or Spanish.

First 10 Minutes:

3 – Misplaced Long Balls from Gary Cahill

2 – Horrible tackles by Fabian Delph

1 – Counter Attacking chance for England.

Why would you watch the England game knowing its not going to be exciting? – Just to watch our new boy play in his preferred position. The welbeck moment expected came much sooner, but it turns out to be a Gervinho Moment. The final ball from welbeck was poor. England had few other chances thanks to some Arsenal style set pieces defending by Djourou.

Every time I watch Raheem sterling he just impresses me. He is much stronger than he looks. The first goal was created by him from wings. Not sure why Roy played his attacking threat in the middle. He was mostly ineffective in the middle.

The Swiss also had many chances to bury the game. Gary Cahill and Joe Hart kept the English hopes alive. The second goal was also created by Sterling. Welbeck took his chance and ended the hopes of swiss. Arsenal PR department were very fast to congratulate welbeck even before he finished celebrating the goal.

Welbeck EnglandArsenal Marketing department working 24/7.

Two Arsenal player started and only one shined. Jack Wilshere was anonymous and lost the ball in their own half multiple times. Jack wilshere is not a DM. He definitely needs someone strong behind him for cover. He might become a Deep lying play maker in the future but currently he is not. He should be the deputy to Aaron Ramsey.

Cesc’s Barca DNA

Why is every player that left Arsenal keep talking about Arsenal? we already hate so many players who left arsenal. They cannot keep their mouth shut. Cesc too cannot keep his mouth shut. Now he is talking about being a Gunner. Cesc Fabregas used to be the poster boy and face of Arsenal Football club. He left Arsenal in a worst possible way. Ivan Gazidis even came out and said ” Losing Cesc was actually a forward step “. I did not believe Gazidis at that time. I really understood his words only when we boldly rejected him. Every team would love to have a player like Cesc. Wenger who was like a father figure to Cesc actually rejected the idea of re-signing him. That tells the whole story.

Shut up Cesc. Enough talk about Gunners. You are irritating Gooners and also your new team fans.

Try talking about your Barca DNA and how they treated you.



Arsenal English Core – Not just poster Boys. Alternate View

Danny Welbeck had the option of choosing either Ghana or England as his international football home. Had he chose Ghana instead, would we be still excited about his signing?

Here is an alternative view from a Fan.

Andy’s Response to our post  ” English Core : Are they just poster boys? “

The English core are not just poster boys. They are the sign that either we have finally got lucky or the Academy/scouting structure in the UK is working. We have discarded so many English prospects over the years and these kids are the ones that made it through. A large part of the problem is that Arsenal is one of the few top (English) clubs left that believes in developing players. Most clubs prefers finished article at an expense.

Jack vs SwanseaMoment worthy of so many posters.

1) The reason we see so many players built up and then failing is because at Arsenal they get game time as teenagers, so the fans get invested in them. where as at other clubs such prospects are cut without ever seeing the first team.

2) It isn’t just an English thing, Cesc is the classic example of Arsenal bringing through a young player and it worked out well. Thomas Eisfeld the opposite – a German kid sold when he was thought to be on his way to the first team.

3) Bayern and Barcelona underlines the problems we have in EPL when developing players. With our squad rules, a player has until 21, maybe 22 to prove himself at a side like Arsenal. At that point you have to loan or sell, which usually ends in the latter. Most players don’t hit their potential until they are 23-24 at least, so we are throwing away players who could have made it given more time. Both German and Spanish leagues allow for B teams, which gives them a place to continue to develop their young players until they are ready for the big time. It puts less pressure on them to produce their talent quickly.

As to the rest of the English sides mentioned. All have gone down the buy-it-now route. City and Chelsea do not seem to be either producing or (more realistically) trust the youngsters they have. Remember Jack Rodwell? 

United used to work like us, but something has gone horribly wrong there (shame) and they have taken the similar path.

Its not always down to the club. The player too has their own responsibilities.They have to make smart moves. At 23 Sturridge was frozen out at Chelsea. At 32m Costa looks like a shiny upgrade, but his league scoring record is similar to that of Sturridge in last two years. Had they kept Sturridge, they would have had their own home grown Costa at no expense. Its the same case with ManU, First they bought RVP and now Falcao.

On Wenger: The 1997 double side was mostly English. He did not build that side, but built on that English core rather than tearing it down. Even with the Invincibles: for every Viera, there was a Sol.

Lastly on poster boys, the English players might be used a bit to gain empathy with the core fan base. Sometimes the Language barrier restricts the use of all players. Arteta and Per (Captain and Vice) were involved on lot of stuffs, their recent rainbow laces thing shows just how the entire squad is used. Amusing to see how self aware the non-English players about their image amongst the fans.

Had LVG & Jose Morinho had time at their disposal may be they would have kept Lukaku and Welbeck in their squad.