North London Derby – The girls did it before and now it’s time for the boys.


There is nothing more than fun than watching Arsenal ripping Tottenham apart for any Arsenal Fan. Arsenal team faces one of the most important rivals in the Premier league. Though its only the belief of Tottenham fans that they are our rivals, I certainly does not think they are of such an importance. They are just another local rival. We are above them and should always aim higher which obviously mean we should kick them every time.

Knowing Arsenal its no guarantee that we will defeat Tottenham. We win against Barcelona and lose against Birmingham. Its always hot and cold for Arsenal. Every Arsenal player will be pumped up for this match. Its a chance to become an instant hero among the fans. Come on Lads

We have always finished above Tottenham. Though Arsenal have better record against Spurs, they also had some very bad performances. I don’t want tomorrow to be one of those days. We are an offensive team lets destroy them.

If case if you are a new Arsenal fan, here is a little bit of history lesson for you.

Tottenham as usual has a new team with new manager. Even spending 100 million did not do them any good. Arsenal core has not changed much. We have strengthened our team offensively which means more goals.

Arsene Wenger

“Ozil played very well against Aston Villa and showed a good understanding with Danny Welbeck,” Wenger said.

“There is a good partnership there, they gave each other goals to score and it was an interesting experience.

“It is tempting to keep him in that central role but I maintain he will play where needed for the balance of the team and that can change game by game.”Tottenham as usual has a new team with new manager. Even spending 100 million did not do them any good. Arsenal core has not changed much. We have strengthened our team offensively which means more goals.

Play Ozil as CB – I don’t care, just win the match. Come on Arsene you can do better than feeding something for fans and media to debate about. This is one of the most important match for Arsenal fans. Just play the best possible team and tear them apart. Play anyone anywhere and win the match. I am least bothered about the players and positions for this match as long us the result is good.

The Ox

Internet fans were celebrating Gibbs birthday with Ox’s photo. We have to love the creativity of our fans. Its just little rude that Gibbs gets a Red card and OX goes on to get the birthday cake too.

“Alexis and Jack played 90 minutes the other day and they’re usually on second-day recovery,” Chamberlain told Arsenal Player.

“But today Alexis really wanted to train and people had to tell him to take it easy.

Bxasmy-IQAAISkvUnleash the Beast

Ox if possible please follow Alexis else think about finding a new club soon. I really hated his statement regarding the training of Sanchez. Though he might have said it in a funny way, I don’t see it that way. You are yet to prove yourself as an Arsenal team player. The Ox is still enjoying his extended honeymoon period, which is available only to British players at Arsenal. If podolski should be shown the exit door soon, then players like Ox should also be the next one in the line unless he proves himself. Walcott and Ramsey too had their honeymoon period. It will end sooner than you think Ox, Better you step up. If Gervinho had a similar honeymoon period, he would have been with us. Who knows, he might have found his shooting boots.


OX : Not a Winger. ” Even Beckham and Zidane Played on the Wings ” – not buying it.

England vs Norway – Just another meaningless friendly warmup match before the Euro 2016 qualifier. why play these matches at wembly when most of the seats were empty. Tottenham stadium would have been more suitable.

Where does England football team stands after their average Euro 2012 display and humiliating World cup 2014 display. Let me guess and think several time before answering. They remain at the same level under Roy Hodgson. The concept of rebuilding and change does not applies to England Football team. I think England team is missing a very big opportunity now.

All the players from golden generation were gone. There is no media pressure to pick certain players. The team is young and change of direction is the need of the hour. Roy Hodgson is still the manager. Someone at FA has to be ruthless and bring a new manager. Watching the game its evident that England team have some serious talents. Standout performances from Daniel Sturridge and Raheem Sterling. They literally ran the show.

” Euro qualifiers won’t excite England fans ” – Roy Hodgson

Not just England Fans, Nobody will be excited to watch your boring and unimaginative team.

Arsenal Boys

Two Arsenal players and one former Arsenal Player started the match. Jack wilshere and Havard nordtveit did ok in the match. Like I have mentioned before The OX shows some flashes of brilliance but never consistent. He left more gaps than the Audiences in the stadium.

He started as a Right Winger but always seen in the central midfield position. Whenever Stones had the ball there was no one ahead of him to pass. OX we all know that your preferred position is central midfield, but you may not get there by playing badly in the wings. Arsene please play him in his natural position or provide more positional training. His amazing burst of pace and brilliant runs were not seen consistently.

New Signing

Our New Signing replaced the ineffective arsenal pair. The very first piece of action from the Arsenal player was disappointing. During the next few touches he showed his quality and boldness in taking a shot at goal. Very good few minutes before the introduction of some Arsenal Action soon. Chambers too came late on.

The International friendlies were dominated by Liverpool pair and ManU new signing – Yawn

We can be happy that no Arsenal player was injured. 🙂